5 Good Reasons to go for Scalp MicroPigmentation

The final decision to go ahead with a Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment can be an arduous last step. Here are our top 5 reasons to just go for it.

What Is The Problem?


The mailbox sees questions arrive daily from men who, having done all their research, seem reluctant to take the plunge. We understand completely, it is inpart fear of the sessions themselves. A certain squeamish side comes out at the prospect of coming close up to the needles, particularly for those who have never had any previous tattoos. But, according to the emails, it would seem far more to do with another extremely familiar and very basic human emotion… fear of change.

Is There Anything To Worry About?

The short answer is no. In regard to any fear of the needles, bear in mind they are significantly shorter and thinner than regular tattoo needles and that you can take painkillers before the treatment… you will be fine. Some even fall asleep! That is not to say some do not feel discomfort, but even for those for whom the pain is uncomfortable it usually affects one or two small areas of any one client’s scalp.

Beyond that your practitioner should be applying clinical practice to hygiene (easily spotted) and using very simple and safe pigments, devoid of any metal oxides – which would make the pigments prone to smearing and discolouration.

Reasons To Be Cheerful


Spend some time on forums reading the testimony of former clients. You will quickly realise just how transformative a good treatment can be. For young men in particular it can be a life changing experience that, in some cases quite literally, gives them back their life after time spent in some very dark places.

Reflecting some of the experiences shared by clients on those forums, here are our five favourite reasons to go ahead:

1    It is a street smart and ageless style, guaranteed to make older balding men look younger and young balding men look contemporary and cool

2    SMP creates a virtuous circle that starts with increasing your confidence, which in turn alters how the world greets you, which further improves your confidence…

3    SMP comes with an extremely low maintenance regime, which is essentially regular shaving. We would argue that anything else you do should be part of a routine which any balding man should follow anyway… moisturising, UV protection etc.

4    It is a very clean cut look that speaks to your self confidence… attributes very much admired by the opposite sex.

5    One of the first things you notice as you begin to lose your hair is the frequency with which people glance at your head. It becomes the thing that defines you. Not the $1000 dollar suit and not the toned physique. It is as if it is the first thing someone notices about you and not much after it makes much difference to their impression of you. SMP takes all that away… by simply removing your balding head from that first impression you find yourself making casual acquaintances just how you remember doing it, before you started losing your hair.

Caveat Emptor


Remember at all times, buyer beware! As we never ever get bored of saying, if you are interested in SMP do your research. It is tough these days to spot the good’uns among so many bad so if you are finding it tough going, or even if you just want us to sanity check your thinking, please get in touch by clicking here – We are always happy to help.

Laurie Downing