An Uplifting SMP Story From A Very Satisfied Client

Of all the hairdressers in all the world, my wife bumped into an SMP wearer, his story gave her a renewed respect for what SMP can do.

SMP Disappears Over Time


It is a fact, long before the effects of UV light and your immune system break down and carry away the pigment, you will slowly stop noticing your SMP – as will those who live with you (and it). It is fair to say my Wife no longer mentions my SMP. When I first came home with it there were comments, all positive. Like many other accounts I have read there was always the suspicion that she was just trying to boost my confidence. It would take a few more positive comments from friends and family, and a lot more time spent in the company of strangers, before the self-confidence would kick in.

She is aware I contribute articles to this site and try to help people with questions on SMP, but when we talk about SMP it is usually because she spotted someone in her day who might have had one… she is rarely certain.

A Very Happy Hairdresser

SMP on a black client of SC

Her most recent experience of bumping into a possible SMP happened on her first visit to a local hairdresser. The man doing her hair definitely fit the bill as a possible but they were a good way into her treatment (I have never been in a hairdressers in my life and have no idea what they actually call it) before she asked him about it. At the point of asking the question she was far from sure.

He was happy to tell her that he had his treatment at HIS around 3 years ago, and had been considering a touch up. She assured him he didn’t need one. He went on to tell her that as a young man, in his mid twenties at the time of getting it done, it had the most profoundly positive effect on his life. The effect he described was almost instant, that the cloud he had been living under since his hair loss had started was lifted. The full benefits of that boosted confidence would take a while to filter through but he described a process of regaining his social life and appetite for for work and play – he went back to college and completed his training. Basically, he has never looked back.

SMP Debate

It was great to hear a randomly gathered anecdote affirming what we here already know, particularly as it was brought home by my wife who has a new found respect for my work on here. We also know that stories like the one of our happy hairdresser are commonplace, for clients of reputable SMP clinics at least. What we don’t know is whether his finding a good one was down to luck or good research.

If you want to take the luck out of finding the right SMP clinic for you or just have some questions about anything SMP, then write to us at and we will be happy to help.

Laurie Downing