Can I Reduce SMP Scalp Shine

What can be done to reduce the effect of a shiny scalp? It is a common question but one of particular interest to SMP wearers who did not go to that time and trouble to have a treatment that disappears under certain lighting. We investigate.

It is another of the common questions we receive from SMP wearers, usually those who have been treated relatively recently. Some are simply not bothered by a shiny scalp, they accept that it is an occasional feature of particular lighting – as it would be with a real buzz cut. Or the condition of their skin. Others will investigate with vigour, trying all manner of solutions – some bought at a pharmacist, still more the result of suggestions found on the internet.

But just because it is well trodden ground for us does not mean we are not happy to revisit an important subject for many people. Especially with so much poor advice on the topic being offered elsewhere.

Why Does Scalp Shine Occur?

shiny scalp

Everyone is familiar with why a smooth surface will reflect light more efficiently, essentially that is what is going on when you see a shiny scalp. And you will have seen a shiny scalp, not least because some men deliberately set out to achieve that look. Avoiding it, if that is your preference, is achievable following a pretty simple routine.

The Importance Of Cleansing

A good cleansing regime is important to avoid the build up of natural oils and grease on the scalp, the combination of these and a smooth scalp is exactly what leads to shine.

Clearasil, Clean & Clear and Freederm are all ubiquitously available and will all do a perfectly acceptable job. You can spend extra for matte cleansers but we doubt their efficacy for SMP wearers… who will subsequently want to moisturise and probably protect against the sun.

Moisturiser Choices

moisturiser choice

Finding the right moisturiser for you is a question of trial and error, particularly if you want a matte version… which you almost certainly will. Many will also come with built-in sun protection.

Here are just a few suggestions from the many on the market. Try these, but try others until you find the one that you are really happy with. Remember the aftercare guidelines though, avoid anything containing alcohol.

  • Dermalogica Clear Start Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer (SPF15)
  • Jack Black All Day Oil Control Lotion
  • Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer
  • Recipe For Men Anti-Shine Moisturizer
  • HeadBlade Headlube Matte

SMP Debate

To these recognised products we would add a tip gathered from the forums. Milk of Magnesia, some swear by rubbing a little of this into their scalp. It will need replenishing so you need to carry it with you and it is gone in a flash if it rains.

Because everyone is different you will need to experiment to find what works best for you. But do not think that shine is something you have to live with.

SMP Debate exists to help people answer questions about SMP and find local reputable clinics. If we do not know your local clinic we will engage with them to establish their credentials. If you need help or advice with your SMP related questions then please get in touch at