Can’t Afford SMP?

We hear regularly from men, particularly young ones, who are desperate to get the treatment but who are struggling to find the resources. So how can you get a good SMP for less? We investigate.

SMP – Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Scalp Micropigmentation has made a huge impact on the hair loss market, it’s unique ability to recreate the appearance of a full head of hair with a simple treatment, that requires very little aftercare and maintenance, sets it apart.

Little wonder it has come so far in such a short space of time. One undoubted reason that it is not even more ubiquitous is the price, at upwards of a couple of thousand bucks for a series of treatments it is out of reach for lots of pockets. To be fair, compared to the cost and upkeep of a good hair system it is peanuts. Compared to a top end hair transplant it is chicken feed – recent articles put the estimated spend by Wayne Rooney on his transplant surgeon at around $45,000. A knee trembling amount of money for what has turned out, in the long run, to be a hairline plus a little density on top. Even compared to the recurring costs for relatively low ticket solutions like fibres or FDA approved medicines, the cost of an SMP makes sense over time.

We realise the fact that it compares favourably with the alternatives is not of much use to a young man, with recently discovered hair loss, who is still living at home and struggling to get the money together – it may represent their entire disposable income for several months.

All Is Not Lost

its all ok

Where there is a will there is a way. We are big fans of this old English proverb, too old and pervasive to be credited to anyone in particular. It is the reason that SMP exists at all.. because someone thought of it as a solution, then had the wit, tenacity and invention to make it happen. It is fair to say that every good clinic owner we know got into SMP from a desire to help people… and nobody needs that help more than a young man feeling adrift from his peer group.

There are two ways you can get your SMP without having to find all that cash. The first, and by far the most common, is putting it on a finance plan. All good clinics will have a relationship with a financial organisation who will help you spread your payments over a suitable period.

The second, admittedly less popular route, is to offer to take part in producing a diary of your experience. This would end up on the website of the clinic you attend. Good discounts are offered to participants and it is possible to finance the rest.

SMP Debate


If you find yourself in that position, of desperately wanting SMP but not being able to afford it. We strongly recommend you investigate these options, talk to your local clinic to see what they can offer. Bear in mind that the good clinics are run by people who got into SMP for the right reasons, they will want to help you. But also bear in mind that just because a clinic has a finance package on offer it does not follow that they are a bona fide operation. Also that it is often the new, sometimes unqualified, clinics that are most in need of clients willing to be part of their advertising.

Here at SMP Debate we are happy to help, just write to us at and we can help you to check out your local options.

Laurie Downing