Face Your SMP Fears

We know from experience that many men take a long time deliberating over whether or not to go ahead with an SMP treatment. We look at the reasons why and offer some encouragement.


A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

journey difficult

Most can remember when they very first read or heard something about SMP. By far the most common route to discovery these days is the internet. There are inherent problems with that of course. The trouble with the internet is that there are no bricks and mortar, no door to wander into and look around. Instead we are forced to assess the suitability of a clinic from their ability to construct a shop window – no ordinary shop window though, one that can feature photographs and video, exciting graphics, compelling text, a great call to action… and every word and image a lie. The images are stolen from other clinics, the history is fiction, their training was sub-standard and delivered by someone with no qualification. The lack of regulation requires a serious amount of due diligence on the part of the would-be client.

Still, for many the memory of that moment of discovery is an exciting one. It will have been the first time they found something that might actually fox their problem. Then comes the doubt. Can it really be that good? What if it fades, or changes shade, or smudges. What pigments do you use? How much does it hurt? How much does it cost and how many touch ups does it require? How much are touch ups? What guarantees do you provide? Endless questions. All good ones. Questions that should be answered effectively and convincingly during a consultation.

Barriers To Progress


For some, cost will be a stumbling block. Such is the desire for the treatment that this will see them in the hands of the unscrupulous, willing to have a go and happy to take their money.  Others will want to meet previous clients, with variable responses from clinics to that request. Then there are those that are scared of the needle… scared is probably the wrong word. If it is fear then it is the same fear that puts most off getting any sort of regular tattoo.

A really commonplace fear is the reaction of friends and family, and in particular work colleagues. In environments where “banter” is typical it can take a huge amount of confidence in the procedure to go ahead. I have personal experience of a young client who worked at a professional football club as a youth team coach. He described the general atmosphere as “brutal”… his SMP was accepted completely and without comment.

In our experience, most of those who take a long time to go ahead will break it down to a single issue. Each to their own. In their heart they know they want to go ahead but they throw stumbling blocks in the way, and as you can see from this article, if you didn’t know it for yourself already, it is an easy thing to do.

SMP Debate


You would expect us to be on the side of the great clinics out there, urging you to press on and book your consultation. Or if you have had the consultation then crack on and set the date for your first session, you will not look back. If you need help or advice on anything mentioned in this article we are always delighted to hear from readers, please write to us at info@SMPDebate.com

Laurie Downing