Laser Removal of SMP – What You Need To Know

There are several reasons why you might choose to take a laser to your SMP. Maybe you want to change the style – raise the hairline or break up a sharp and defined hairline. Some, having happily worn their SMP for several years, will simply want a return to their natural state. For an unfortunate few the reason will be a bad treatment – which can have a more complicated prognosis.


How Does It Work?


Lasers have, in a short space of time, become an extremely familiar feature of our everyday lives. Once the domain of crazy scientists cutting special agents in half we now use them to play digital music or for spectacular light shows. With myriad uses in medicine they have made a profound difference to simplifying some surgical procedures.  Guidance systems, surveillance, surveying… the list goes on and is added to on a daily basis.

As you might well imagine, there are lots of different lasers for these various roles. Some rely on heat to get their job done, these have a specific element added to generate that heat – An element that is simply left off the laser that is used for tattoo removal – So no heat produced by this equipment. From a technical perspective it is not accurate to say that the laser even removes the pigment. It works because the intense UV light breaks down the molecules in the pigment into their component parts. Your body’s own immune system will do the rest, taking away those simplified molecules and delivering them to the lymph nodes where they are absorbed – another important reason for being certain there are no undesirable components in your practitioners pigment.

What Can Go Wrong?

bad smp

If the clinic has used a simple pigment, devoid of metal oxides (a common ingredient in regular tattoo inks), then the process should be extremely straightforward. A single session lasting a few minutes will be enough to permanently remove the entire treatment. At the other end of the scale I recently read a forum post from an unfortunate chap who had to have 8 laser sessions to remove almost all of a bad treatment. There is no point pretending this is a comfortable experience, there is most definitely some pain attached. But the pain only lasts as long as the very brief treatment and stops as soon as it is over.

Prevention Is Better Than The Cure



Avoiding finding yourself in that terrible situation is the best policy. There are two principal ways to make sure you end up in the hands of reputable clinic. The first is to perform due diligence on any clinic you are considering, check them out on-line, visit forums and talk to ex-clients, meet up with ex-clients, get along to the clinic and inspect the premises and equipment, study their procedure and compare it to others, consider their guarantee. There is no such thing as too much due diligence.

The alternative, and far easier, option for checking out a local clinic is to drop the team here a message – We are always delighted to hear from our readers and eager to answer questions and help where we can.

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Laurie Downing

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