Life After Scalp MicroPigmentation

It is easy to get so bogged down with your research into Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) that you completely forget to imagine life after SMP. We offer some food for thought.


The Run Up

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For some the due diligence ahead of getting their SMP treatment is a serious business. Consultations at multiple clinics, reading and contributing to the forums, meeting up with SMP wearers they encountered on the forums… then there is the reading. The endless reading. For others a decision is made almost the moment they discover SMP, if they find it on the internet (more and more do of course) then they might have booked the date for their first session of treatment by the end of the same day.

Reality Check


Exactly what life might be like with SMP does not typically get thought about until some way into the process, when it starts to get real. Questions like: What will they say at work? What will my Mother think? Or the guys at the bar? Or in the team on Sunday? Do I have to wear a hat on sunny days?

It is an area where the forums can be of great value. The shared experiences of people who have made the journey is hugely informative, but it is the opportunity to read the questions of other people with the same concerns as yourself which sets them apart – You will find that this combined intellect, all approaching the same perceived challenge, will come up with a fantastic depth of questions you could not have developed by yourself, whoever you are.

General Hints


We appreciate that not everyone has the time to spend trawling for relevant nuggets of information on those boards and understand why you would expect us to offer some sort of potted overview of the key facts. So here goes.

For those who choose not to tell friends and co-workers the reaction is typically that something about you has changed, but since you are now appearing with a shaved head that is hardly surprising. You will get compliments, as well as people saying you should grow your hair out. Local culture will dictate the extent to which you can expect random people to say things, but that can happen – it has to do with the hairstyle – some instinctively see it as a sort of challenge and feel an overwhelming need to make an observation. Like a dog barking they cannot help themselves and can safely be ignored. We should add that most SMP wearers will never experience this.

If the feedback can be expected to be positive what are the other implications? An improved self confidence can drive a virtuous circle of being better received by strangers, which boosts the self-confidence again. It is why some talk about profound improvements to every aspect of their life. Beyond shaving every day there are no demands, sunblock is essential as it would be if you, as a bald man, had not had the treatment.

SMP Debate


We are unashamedly enthusiastic about SMP and what it can do for wearers. We also know that the critical step is getting yourself placed in the hands of an ethical and competent clinic. If you are having trouble or are unsure about advice you are receiving, please contact us by clicking here, we are happy to offer free friendly advice on all things SMP.


Laurie Downing