Scalp micropigmentation providers in the UK

List of UK scalp micropigmentation providers

Once upon a time there was just one scalp micropigmentation specialist company in the United Kingdom. The industry has moved on considerably since then, and there is now a much wider selection of UK providers to choose from for your SMP treatment.

Of the multitude of providers, technicians and practitioners that have emerged, there is a handful of companies that have established themselves as the market leaders. That doesn’t necessarily make them better, but they do generally deliver excellent results and many people like the comfort of dealing with a well known firm.

The market leading SMP providers in the UK are as follows, in no particular order:

  • Skalp Clinic
    Locations in London, Manchester and Edinburgh
  • Vinci Hair Clinic
    Locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast.
  • HIS Hair Clinic
    Locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester
  • Hair Ink
    Location in London

There are nine further scalp micropigmentation providers in the United Kingdom, included in our complete SMP provider list.

If you require additional assistance, I can recommend a provider based on your own personal circumstances. This service is free, unbiased and I receive no incentive or fee for referring clients.

Laurie Downing