MacMillan Cancer Support Event

This coming weekend across the UK there will be hordes of hairies shaving their heads to raise money for MacMillan.

At first glance this might seem of limited interest to Scalp Micro-Pigmentation clients who are already shaved down – But having thought about it I am of the opinion we should probably be quick to support these people.  There is the obvious factor of raising money for a good cause and on that front I urge you to sign up to sponsor.  But there are a couple of other good reasons for our encouragement.

I remember a previous year where the poplet Jessie J shaved her head… and bitterly regretted it.  She took to wearing wigs until her own hair had grown sufficiently to do away with it. Unintentionally driving the conversation about hair loss and its solutions very much into the mainstream.


Jessie J’s panic attack aside there will be plenty who carry off their new buzz-cut look with a swagger.  Some, who have never tried it before, will even find their features are well served by a close crop.

Finally, I would add that MacMillan do a great deal of good work supporting people through their chemotherapy associated hair loss and on that basis alone are worthy of our support.

Good luck and best wishes go out to everyone taking part or sponsoring this weekend.  It’s not too late to sign up yourself.

Laurie Downing