Razor or Clippers. Which Is The Right Choice For Your SMP?

Of all the questions that come up about caring for your Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP), how to keep it short and how short to keep it come around time and again… We take a look.


SMP – The Aesthetic Facts

SMP on a black client of SC

SMP, done properly, is an effective simulation of hair cut to the follicle. This means it can be used, for those who still have a generous covering of hair, to improve the appearance of density. Of course this is only for those with enough hair to make that a realistic option, which is simply not the case for all but a handful of those who walk through the doors of a clinic.

For the massive majority, who will have areas of scalp where no hair grows at all, there really is only one way to go. To shave down completely, to the bone. That way any hair colour is basically lost, the shaved follicle presenting as a small very dark, black, dot.  This is the appearance that an SMP treatment can perfectly replicate – anything else is best classed under unreasonable expectations.

Down To The Bone


Shaving turns out to be anything but a precise art. We will all have our preferences, essentially based on our experiences. For some that will mean that a rotary or foil razor is a heaven sent solution to the discomfort of a wet shave, where those with very sensitive skin might suffer razor burn or general skin irritation. For others with skin conditions the demands on the skin of shaving every day can mean a wet shave is simply not an option.

The great news is that modern shavers are capable of achieving a shave almost as close as a razor. Close enough to make many SMP wearers swear by them. Put the word “shaving” into the search function of any of the forums and you will find plenty of excellent discussion, where you can draw on the benefit of the first hand experience of many who have gone before you.

Horses For Courses

horses for courses

The bottom line is that, much like you did back when you started shaving your chin, you will need to go through some process of trial and error to find exactly what works for you. It could be simply shaving every morning… more likely, or at least more popular, is a routine that sees you shaving at night – this way the follicles have just about reached the level of the surface of your skin by the time you wake up. Unless your hair grows at a very fast rate that should easily see you through to the following nights shave without ever having to worry.

Some will only need to shave every other day.  Others, having shaved in the morning, might choose to shave again in the evening if they are going out that night. Not dissimilar to chins in fact, I am sure we all know men for whom the working day is just a little too long for their beard not to be appearing by it’s end… the notorious 5 O Clock shadow. At this end of the spectrum there is a definite preference for the wet shave and its ability to take you that little closer.

SMP Debate


Aftercare is all too often an afterthought. If you are the proud new owner of an SMP and have questions about how you should be caring for it, we are always happy to help. Please drop us a message to info@smpdebate@com, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Laurie Downing