Shaving after scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation and shaving – what are your options?

In preparation for your forthcoming scalp micropigmentation treatment, it is strongly advisable that you get into a routine of shaving your scalp on a regular basis. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the main benefits is that you have the opportunity to establish your new routine without jumping in at the deep end, and also you can find out what works for you.

Assuming that you’re not going to attempt to keep your hair long (as some do), principally you have three options when it comes to shaving:

Using clippers on a zero guard

A huge number of people start out with the intention of using clippers, usually because they’re not comfortable with the idea of properly shaving their head, or because they like the 3D effect that cutting the hair with clippers can create after SMP.

There are some advantages. You could argue that the additional texture of real hair makes the hair look (and feel) more authentic, and there is some truth to that. Furthermore this is the shaving method that is less likely to cause irritation of the scalp. For those with sensitive skin, this is a major plus.

On the other hand, zero guard shavers usually have to cut their hair every day to maintain the illusion. This could become a pain, especially if you are caught short.

Please note, and this is really important:

A lot of people desperately want to keep their hair as long as possible after scalp micropigmentation. In response to this a lot of providers dish out the wrong advice because they try to tell the customer what he wants to hear. Trust me, if your hair is thin around your crown or your frontal hairline is receded even slightly, you CANNOT get away with a zero guard shave. I’m sorry, but it just won’t look realistic enough to pass examination.

If on the other hand you have an all-over diffuse thinning pattern, reasonable coverage of the crown and an intact frontal hairline, you can probably get away with it.

Using an electric face shaver

This is the preferred option for many people after scalp micropigmentation. Electric shavers are easy, mess-free and portable. As long as you always carry a charger cable with you, they’re the ideal choice.

Well, sort of. They do have a couple of downsides.

First is the time spent shaving. Electric shavers can take an awfully long time to finish the job. The second is irritation. Because of the high number of passes your shaver must make to cut all hair in a given area, irritation is common.

There are two different types of electric shaver – foil shavers, and rotary shavers. Foil shavers usually provide a closer cut in less time, and with less irritation, but rotary shavers offer better value because they are more reliable and last longer, and are less likely to ‘grab’. Personally I would choose a foil shaver every time, but it really is a personal thing.

Foil vs rotary shaver
A rotary shaver (left) and a foil shaver (right)

I receive emails all the time from people asking me to recommend a particular brand or model. The reality is that all shavers will do the job, its just a case of how quickly or comfortably you want that job to be done. Choose either foil or rotary, then buy the best you can afford. You’re going to use it a lot, after all. Anything from Philips, Remington or Braun is fine.

Wet shaving

This is my preferred choice, and it has to be said, the preferred choice of most people who have had SMP for any length of time. Why? Because its quick, easy, causes little irritation in most people and gives you the flexibility to miss days if you choose.

I shave every other day in the shower. I do this because the hot water softens my facial hair and scalp hair, for a cleaner and more enjoyable shave. Sometimes I don’t even bother with shave gel because it simply isn’t needed.

Any razor will do, just use whatever feels comfortable on your face on your head too. Bear in mind that you’ll be blunting blades quicker because your scalp is quite a large surface area, so cost might be a consideration.

Anything else you need to know?

Not really, its pretty straightforward once you get into it. Oh, a few slightly different products you might want to try:

  • The Wahl Balding Clippers as they cut shorter than any other clippers
  • The Skull Shaver because its designed for electric shaving the head
  • The HeadBlade razor because its designed for wet shaving the head

I love the freedom that wet shaving gives me, and I also think my hair looks more realistic with a wet shave because the treatment seems to blend better. Others prefer the texture that clippers allow, whilst the middle ground offered by an electric shaver suits many people as an ideal compromise between the two. You just need to experiment and see what works for you.

Any advice taken from your own personal experience? Please share below!

Laurie Downing