Scalp MicroPigmentation For A Hair System Wearer?

We explore the reasons behind so many hair system wearers choosing to ditch their systems, turning instead to Scalp MicroPigmentation as their hair loss solution of choice.


Hollywood Hair

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There is no doubt about it, a great fitting hair system made of real human hair can be a very convincing solution for a hair loss sufferer. In fact, you could go so far as to say it is the go to solution for anyone wanting to return to a full head of luxurious hair.

Bruce Willis, a hero to this site, has worn many hair systems for various acting roles. Nevertheless he is happier these days, when the director permits, to be in front of the camera “au naturale” – and no less handsome for it in our opinion.  At the other end of the scale is John Travolta, a renowned system wearer who is rarely if ever seen without his crowning glory.

The list of A List hollywood actors who resort to hair systems to prolong their career as leading men is huge… and goes all the way back to the earliest days of film, the fact that it can still come as a shock when one of them is outed as a wearer testifies to their quality.

The Drawbacks

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There are a few significant considerations for the would-be hair system wearer to bear in mind. The immediately obvious ones will be the cost, both initial and maintenance, and the commitment to a routine of care and upkeep. Significantly more onerous than for someone with a real head of hair.

The real drawbacks though are all around lifestyle and the almost daily restrictions. Top of the list is the permanent fear of discovery, especially for those who choose not to disclose the matter to their nearest and dearest. On a day to day basis though there are a veritable minefield of worries – Swimming is something you used to do, new relationships present a huge challenge, going to nightclubs is only advisable after a preparatory call to check on the quality of their air conditioning as sweaty dancefloors present all the same problems as a swimming pool… as does heavy rain, so becoming a part-time meteorologist is a must if you are not to be caught out.

Why Scalp MicroPigmentation


There is plenty of testimony from former hair system wearers on the forums. It speaks to the liberating experience of freeing yourself from all those worries, all that continuous expense, and the opening up of their social lives.

Of course for former system wearers there is the massive advantage, compared to those who had previously walked around with their bald head on display, of simply being able to say they decided to shave.

SMP Debate


As you might expect, here at SMP Debate we would urge any hair system wearer, no matter how happy they think they are, to go for SMP – the change to your lifestyle is profound and you will never look back. Of course, if you do the system will always provide immediate and effective cover… and take you straight back to all those old inconveniences and concerns any time you like.

If you want to discuss how SMP might help you, or simply want to get in touch with a local clinic please drop us a line by clicking here, we are only too happy to help.



Laurie Downing