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Scalp Micropigmentation for the Fair Skinned

While it is certainly true that fair skinned clients present different challenges, the outcomes achievable by a skilled technician are every bit as convincing and dramatic as for anyone else. We take a closer look at those challenges and how they are met.
How Is SMP Different For Fair Skinned Clients


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There are a number of variables to consider for a technician when meeting a client for the first time. Top of the list of course is understanding the expectations of the client, what do they want to achieve and which style do they want to go for. Where do they want their hairline? How dense or dark do they want the finish?
Those are questions the techncian will ask the client, there are another set of questions that the technician needs to ask themselves about the treatment that will define what can be achieved – There will be a maximum for both shade and density that is defined by the clients existing condition. Fair skinned,blonde haired clients will present with smaller and less dense follicles when compared to those with darker complexions. Careful examination of the scalp is required before the technician can make prognoses about the range of those choices available to any given client – It is fair to say that the choices for a fair skinned client are reduced.
The Questions

Scalp Micropigmentation, at its heart, is the process of reproducing hair follicles on the scalp where they have ceased to grow. It is necessary to both match the existing follicles and to blend them perfectly the ones being created. When treating a fair skinned client a consideration is that the follicles themselves are fair and consequently can be difficult to see. For this reason an extremely light shade is used at the initial session, with darker pigments being delivered later in the treatment course. According to the taste of the client the technician will usually take it as dark as desired… with the caveat that the eyebrows and general complexion will define the maximum aesthetically acceptable limit. Bear in mind that if you do choose to go for a darker SMP that you will need to shave close on a daily basis to keep it looking tip top.
Just Do It
The bottom line is that SMP is most definitely for the fair skinned. Regardless of how pale you think you are or how advanced your hair loss, if you are ready to do something about your hair loss then book yourself an appointment to talk to your local SMP provider.

Laurie Downing

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