Tanning Options For Your SMP

No doubt about it, your Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) treatment will look better against a backdrop of a scalp that looks like it has seen the sun. We take a look at why that is the case and how to achieve it without damaging your treatment.


A Healthy Tan

bad tan

High streets were always a good barometer of the public’s appetites for what was on sale. One of the few ubiquitous services on offer, alongside coffee shops and nail salons, are tanning salons. Featuring high powered beds that offer to deliver, in a few minutes, the sort of tan you might expect to return with from a Caribbean holiday. Under the powerful bulbs your skin is bombarded with UV light, this quickly activates the tannin in your skin which in turn darkens the skin… because the darker pigmentation offers increased protection from the potentially damaging effects of that UV light.

What’s The Problem?


The problem, as far as your SMP is concerned, is that the UV light is capable of breaking down the bonds that hold the molecules in the pigment together. This process sees the molecule broken down into it’s component parts… Bear in mind SMP pigments are very deliberately created to be easily broken down, over a long period of time, by your body’s own immune system – they do this because larger molecules would break down to leave just he heavier elements, which cannot be removed. We are all familiar with this, regular tattoos follow this path and it is why they eventually smudge and discolour (towards blue or green).

So What Can You Do?

tanning creams

We have read contributions on the forums from people, understandably unwilling to step out with a pallid scalp, who employ unusual methods to “protect” themselves on sunbeds. They might put a towel over their scalp at the midway point of their session, or wear sunscreen under the bulbs. Either of those strategies is not advised and guarantees fading. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent products that mimic the tanning effect of the sun – We don’t want to promote any individual product but there are some superb forum threads on the subject with people giving their first hand accounts of what works for them. It is important, whichever product you choose, that you avoid anything containing alcohol and ensure that it offers a high degree of protection from UV.

SMP Debate


So the good news is that caring for your SMP does not mean a pale scalp through lack of exposure to direct sunlight. Choose from the wide range of treatments on the market that will do the job just as well. But choose carefully, take advice from your peers on the forum.

If you are concerned about fading or any discolouration of your own SMP then please write to us for advice. We are always happy to help and can be reached at info@SMPDebate.com

Laurie Downing