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Jhon Jhon Cosmetic Enhancement is a high-end cosmetic studio offering a range of services from eyelash extensions and permanent makeup, to scar revision and tattoo removal. The company now offers scalp micropigmentation as part of its service portfolio, delivered from a single boutique location in New Jersey.

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Location: 176 US Highway 9, Suite 201, Englishtown, NJ 07726
Tel: (888) 347-2551



What SMP Debate say

JHON-JHON® Hair Follicle Replication Division is a well-established permanent and paramedical cosmetic enhancement clinic, located in Englishtown in New Jersey, roughly half way between New York City and Philadelphia. The company specializes in Hair Follicle Replication, their own scalp micropigmentation process, and they also offer corrective procedures to repair bad treatments received elsewhere.

Although the company has a salon-like feel, it is ultimately a professional medical facility with all the right certifications and licenses to conduct the kind of treatments they offer. Although in many US states no specific accreditation is required to perform scalp micropigmentation, the industry is strictly regulated in the state of New Jersey. Prospective clients may be reassured that their clinicians are licensed to perform SMP, and procedures that are very closely related to SMP. In addition, the company is A-rated by the Better Business Bureau.

What services are offered?

Scalp micropigmentation is most commonly used to disguise male pattern baldness, non-androgenetic alopecia and hair transplant scars, however JHON-JHON® offers a range of complimentary services in addition to regular SMP. These include density correction on eyebrows, beard and mustache hair, as well as paramedical procedures to camouflage body scars, burns and other imperfections.

Jhon Jhon treatment room

Are their results any good?

It appears so, yes. Very good in fact. Here is a female client who was showing the classic signs of traction alopecia.

Symptoms of traction alopecia

Here is the same client after her Hair Follicle Replication treatment sessions with JHON-JHON®.

After treatment

Interested parties should see their page on the Better Business Bureau, and check out their Yelp reviews.

Unique materials

Contrary to most other providers, JHON-JHON® does not use organic pigments for Hair Follicle Replication procedures, citing potential allergic reactions as the reason. I am not aware of any significant issues associated with the use of organic pigments and do not therefore entirely understand their decision, however leading providers already use different pigments from one another. As long as the pigments chosen are safe, effective and durable, that is all that matters. The company has confirmed that they do not use regular tattoo inks and that no inappropriate constituent colors are included in their pigment, therefore it is unlikely that customers will experience any issues.

The company uses a variety of needle sizes to match the required hair thickness for each individual client. For example an African American man can expect a wider needle than a caucasian man, because African American hair is generally thicker than caucasian hair. JHON-JHON® claims to use very fine needles in some circumstances, an interesting consideration for those concerned about the follicle size of their replicated hair.

Who is Jhon Jhon?

Jhon-Jhon himself is the face of JHON-JHON® Cosmetic Enhancement Services. He is an advanced certified and licensed micropigmentation practitioner, specializing in permanent and paramedical cosmetic tattoos since 2007. He is a fellow and diplomat of the American Academy of Micropigmentation and member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals. He has instructed and certified numerous students in the tattooing industry, whether it be cosmetic tattooing such as Hair Follicle Replication (Scalp Micropigmentation), permanent / paramedical cosmetics, or in EliminInk non-laser tattoo removal. He is the North East trainer and distributor of EliminInk Cynergy products. Whether the procedure is for vanity or due to medical issues such as alopecia, cancer, burn victims, vitiligo, car accidents and surgery scars, he is respected and referred by many practicing medical professionals.


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