The Art Of Hair

The Art of Hair

What SMP Debate say

As the Founder of SMP Debate, I always look for new providers entering the market. Why? Because some providers bring something unique, a fresh set of talents or a new perspective or approach to the industry. This is usually a good thing for customers.

What is not good for the industry, or its customers, is when a new provider surfaces and publishes before and after photographs from existing providers, implying that the results shown are their own work. There are several reasons for this:

  • They did not invest their time or hard-won expertise to create the result, and should not therefore receive any credit for it
  • The standard of their work is being misrepresented
  • Customers believe they’re going to get a different result than they actually will, constituting false advertising
  • The new provider is likely committing copyright theft
  • The client has not usually given their consent for their photos to be re-published elsewhere

The Art Of Hair, also referred to as Hair Replication Centers is based in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The company publishes a gallery on their website, containing many images that originate from other providers.

The Art Of Hair

Here’s the proof

The following images are owned by other providers, and are being used by The Art Of Hair, presumably without the permission of the owners, or the clients featured in the photographs:

GLI photo

These photographs are the work of Good Look Ink. The clients real name is Mike, and he was featured on Good Morning America as a Good Look Ink client. You can view this case study on the Good Look Ink website.

Treatment taking place

This photograph actually shows a treatment being performed by Ranbir Rai-Watson, co-Founder of HIS Hair Clinic. The photograph can be clearly seen on the HIS Hair Clinic website on this page.


Finally, this is Gurnam Sandhu, a client of HIS Hair Clinic who acted as a unique case study for the company by having half of his head treated. The half head photograph is so synonymous with HIS Hair Clinic, I’m surprised The Art Of Hair actually published it. The before and after photos above aren’t even of the same guy! I don’t know who the man is on the left hand side, but its definitely not Gurnam!

This is Gurnam featured in a HIS Hair Clinic video:

So what is the moral of this story?

Its simple really. Never take before and after photographs at face value. Be sure that the work you are being shown is really the work of the provider in question.

Consider this. If a provider really offers a high quality treatment, they would have no need to use photographs that do not belong to them. If they are unable (or unwilling) to demonstrate verifiable examples of their work, you have to question why.