Why You Deserve More Than A Hat

Hats. Their invention was no doubt a response to weather conditions rather than any desire for swagger. The last 50 years has seen the range of hats available explode out of all recognition, no wonder so many young bald men reach for the hatstand before stepping out. We urge those young men to consider SMP as the treatment that can save all that stress and heartache, returning you to the rich and full life you deserve.


 How We Got Here


Hats have been around almost as long as there have been heads to put them on. The first ones would no doubt have been protective in purpose but it is no leap of the imagination that people quickly realised they could easily distinguish themselves from the crowd by adorning their hat in some way. Whether it was achieved by styling or by adding bling we can only guess.. but it was the first step on the path to that ultimate in headgear, a royal crown. This universal piece of visual power is the extreme of course, at the other end of the scale there is the humble hat, the hat worn by the worker in the field, or the merchant in the City… though his was likely to be considerably less humble.

Style was, for hundreds of years, dictated by your position in life. Many jobs came with a definitive hat that was part of the uniform of the trade. By the mid 20th Century no self respecting man would leave home without a hat, as the advert above clearly demonstrates… though choice was limited to a small range of trilbies. The rock and roll generation rejected such conformity and during the 1960’s the modern appetite for the range of headgear we see today was born.

Any Beanie You Like…


It is strange given the huge choice of hats available today, from every corner of the world to your doorstep courtesy of online shopping. A quick google search for a choice of fashion hats offers over 13M returns!

Typically, at the first sign of hair loss, young men will reach either for a beanie, or for a baseball cap. They both makes sense as commonly worn headgear for their generation and can allow them to pass invisible as a young bald man among their hairy peers. The problems start as soon as the action moves indoors, whether it be a bar, a party, or some sort of family event where the hat is suddenly inappropriate, occasionally not even allowed. The wearer is instantly made to feel highly self-conscious, dreading the moment when someone asks to see what lies underneath.

Time To Hang Up The Hat!

smp needle

Summer is here. The transition from spring to summer is always an exciting time for the young. The promise of long holidays, days spent at the beach or otherwise among your friends and enjoying yourself. Spare a moment for those whose hair loss started over the last 6 months, for them the stress of coping can be extreme. The prospect of all their favourite summer events is suddenly a minefield of potentially embarrassing moments, all too much for some.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Why not head into summer the proud wearer of an SMP? It has the power to immediately return you to the appearance of a full head of hair, in a way that is sympathetic to the most active of lifestyles and is on trend in terms of fashion. We know that many reading this will have toyed with the idea for a while, holding them back will be fear of the needle, or fear of a less than perfect treatment leaving them in a worse state than before. Do your research, find a clinic that you can be confident in and you are just a treatment or three away from profoundly changing your life.

SMP Debate


As enthusiastic supporters of SMP we are always happy to help, if you are having trouble finding a clinic, or simply want to check what you are being told, please get in touch with us by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Downing