Incredible hairline

A review of the Vinci Hair Clinic

Vinci Hair Clinic is a little different in comparison to the majority of scalp micropigmentation providers. Vinci started out as a hair transplant specialist, offering surgical restoration procedures first and foremost. When they launched their scalp pigmentation solution in 2009, this enabled the company to approach the market in an entirely different way.

If you have visited the offices of any of their competitors, the most significant difference you’ll notice with Vinci is that the environment has a much more clinical feel. This is because Vinci is a medical clinic, offering the same standard of professionalism and hygiene that you’d expect from any hair transplant clinic, and feels more like a private hospital facility than a posh tattoo studio.

A little background

In terms of the number of clinic locations, Vinci Hair Clinic is the largest SMP provider in the world with 20 offices in total. Many of these offices are located in the UK, however Vinci also operate clinics in Ireland, France, Spain, Brazil, Chile, the United States and Africa. Three further clinics are opening this year including one in Australia and two in Saudi Arabia, and as a result their operation will span a total of six continents, a clinic network unmatched by any other provider.

Inside a Vinci clinic

These clinics offer both hair transplant procedures and scalp micropigmentation, being served by no less than 14 highly trained SMP technicians.

Why choose Vinci Hair Clinic?

There are a number of advantages on offer, should you choose Vinci for your treatment. First and foremost is their medical background, meaning that all their technicians understand the symptoms and implications of various scalp diseases, the different patterns of hair loss and all the variables that affect the outcome of treatments applied to men of different ages and ethnicities. As owner and founder Salvar Björnsson puts it:

The art of implanting pigment into the scalp is only part of the training our technicians receive.

This aside, the company is responsible for some truly astonishing results, as demonstrated below.

Excellent Vinci results
A superb example of a defined yet very natural hairline, delivered by Vinci Hair Clinic
Vinci Hair Clinic before and after SMP
This client suffers with alopecia areata, however an excellent result was achieved by Vinci using the SMP technique
A light, ultra-natural result from Vinci Hair Clinic
A light, ultra-natural result from Vinci Hair Clinic

Incredible hairlines

See the last pair of photos above? Let me show you that hairline in more detail:

Incredible hairline
This is one of the best hairlines I’ve seen in a long time. No-one would ever know that almost all this is replicated hair. Click the photo for a larger version.

SMP / FUE combinations

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a clinic that also offers hair transplant procedures, is the ability to combine the scalp micropigmentation and follicular unit extraction processes for even better results.

The use of SMP to ‘thicken’ a FUE procedure is well documented, however it is uncommon to find a provider that can offer both solutions in-house. I believe this has the potential to produce better results versus using two different clinics, as the two procedures can be utilised with the requirements of the other in mind from the outset.

Combining these two techniques is especially useful to those who have insufficient donor hair for an optimal result using FUE alone, or for those who have hyper-pigmented scars from the FUE punch. Finally, this option is ideal for those who want SMP, but do not want to shave their heads to the skin.

Removal options

There are only three scalp micropigmentation providers in the world (to my knowledge) that offer a removal service. Vinci Hair Clinic is one of them with two options available – removal by laser, and a Rejuvi option.

Removal by laser is relatively straightforward.

Rejuvi is basically a chemical compound that is applied to the skin in the same way as a tattoo. SMP treatments can usually be removed in one or two sessions, although it does depend on the clients circumstances. Some poor quality treatments are applied too deeply or use the wrong type of pigment, and these may take more sessions to remove. Your best option is to ask for advice.

As far as I am aware, Vinci is the only company in the world to offer SMP removal using Rejuvi products.

Options for women

Awareness of scalp micropigmentation is improving amongst the fairer sex, and most providers claim to be able to offer a service for women. In reality however, there are only a couple of providers that have really championed the female technique, Vinci being one of them, although they do stress that SMP is best suited for women with darker hair.

A Vinci SMP treatment under longer hair
These photos show an excellent result where the hair is kept longer. Results like these are important, as they make scalp micropigmentation a viable option for women as well as for men

For more information see this page on their website.

Would we recommend Vinci?

You know that all SMP Debate reviews stop short of recommending any particular provider. What I do recommend, is that you conduct effective research and due diligence.

Vinci has a wider network of clinics than any other provider, so if at all possible, get yourself to a clinic for a face to face consultation. Emails and phone calls are fine, but you can’t really get a feel for a place that way. You want to know if you are happy and comfortable dealing with your preferred provider, and the best way to establish this is to visit them at their premises.

Certainly the company ticks all the major boxes. They are well established, show some superb results and are likely to still be around in years to come for any maintenance requirements. If your questions are answered in full, you do not feel under any pressure and you are confident in the ability of the technician you are allocated, we see no reason not to proceed as you should be in safe hands with Vinci.

For more information about the services offered by Vinci Hair Clinic visit their dedicated scalp micropigmentation website at

Laurie Downing