SMP Debate

SMP Debate

Why SMP Debate? WHY?

Good question. Why do we exist and what do we do? Who benefits and who cares?

When this site was first set up the world of Scalp Micropigmention looked very different. A relatively small number of clinics were operating and the job of this site was simply to inform people as to it’s availability… maybe answer a few questions before prompting them to find a clinic.

Today the number of clinics has mushroomed. Some are the result of experienced practitioners setting up on their own, others have been through excellent training courses with recognised trainers at the established clinics. Unfortunately there are also those who have simply seen money to be made.

So this site has evolved over time. With the volume of testimony available on the web we no longer have to refer people straight to clinics to gain their confidence in the procedure. It is possible, through research, for all the questions to be answered without ever setting foot inside a clinic. So when the time comes for a consultation the only outstanding question it which clinic. We hope the information provided on this site will help make that decision an easy one you can arrive at with confidence.

Who Cares?

  • We care about the professional standards of SMP practitioners.
  • We care about standards of training.
  • We care about the results SMP clinics produce.
  • We care about the thousands of men and women who have a real, demoralising problem that affects every aspect of their day-to-day life.
  • We care about you, and that’s why we exist.

Who Benefits?

  • YOU. Mostly you. You are the most important part of the whole equation
  • SMP clinics
  • SMP practitioners
  • The SMP industry

What do we do?

  • We offer free, unbiased reviews of SMP clinics across the world
  • We give free, unbiased information about every aspect of scalp micro-pigmentation
  • We offer advice to practitioners who wish to be trained as SMP clinicians
  • We point out the good, the bad and the ugly in the industry
  • We provide a point of feedback for customers and clinics alike
  • We offer a referral service based upon your location and requirements
  • We evaluate claims and analyse results
  • We talk to clinic owners and practitioners with your concerns and questions
  • We give YOU the information you need

Why do we exist?

  • To provide a balanced, unbiased view on an important industry
  • To shout to the rooftops about the good (and the bad)
  • To ensure the next generation of clinics and practitioners are operating at peak efficiency
  • To give YOU, the hair loss sufferer, the best advice it is possible to give
  • To be fair to everybody involved in SMP