An unbiased review of HIS Hair Clinic

As you know, the purpose of this site is to provide information about scalp micropigmentation that is as honest as it is accurate. This means remaining unbiased. Of course we accept advertising from a number of SMP providers around the world, but only to cover the cost of maintaining this website, and their sponsorship does not affect the content we post here, or our opinions of such companies.

What follows is a completely unbiased review of HIS Hair Clinic, without holding anything back and without incentive. I am a regular member of the HIS Hair Clinic forum (and have been for over 3 years now), and I am also an active member of the major hair loss forums from around the world. Furthermore I have spoken with well over a hundred people who have had scalp micropigmentation treatments with various companies (including HIS Hair Clinic) who have been kind enough to share their experiences with me. My review is based on my extensive findings via all these different channels, so it is safe to assume that my opinions are coming from a place of fairly thorough and broad knowledge.

Here are the positives (and there are many)

HIS Hair Clinic has been around for significantly longer than any other provider. This in itself is a major plus because it proves they have a strong likelihood of still being around in years to come, when quick refresher sessions will inevitably be needed. They have more clinics than any other company (19 at last count) in the United States, UK, Europe and Asia and from what I can tell, they have the most established set-up. I’ve not been inside their new office in the UK, but any company that invests in its future is clearly in it for the long haul. That has to be admired.

HIS Hair Clinic founders
HIS Hair Clinic founders Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson

The company was set up in 2002 by Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson, following the passing of Ian’s brother. As a result of this difficult time Ian started to lose his hair, and this prompted him together with Sister-in-Law Ranbir to search for a solution. Hence HIS Hair Clinic, and scalp micropigmentation with it, was born.

HIS Hair Clinic good result
A good result delivered by HIS Hair Clinic

A bigger company usually means more people on hand to offer customer service, greater availability and choice of practitioners and a reputation to uphold, that should lead to better service overall. From what I am told, they have a large team at their HQ in Birmingham that handles all the calls and emails from clients around the globe. With numbers to call for the United States, UK and Canada, I’m assuming their operation must be a 24 hour thing to provide this service.

I believe most people who have looked into scalp micropigmentation in any detail, would agree that HIS Hair Clinic arguably have the best clinicians (referred to as practitioners). On the HIS forum the names that seem to crop up regularly are Simon, Paul C and Matt, although several other staff also enjoy good reviews. Unfortunately reviews are by no means exclusively positive however, but more on that in a moment. What cannot be doubted however, is that HIS practitioners definitely have the most collective experience and achieve some superb results. Here is a recent comment about HIS Hair Clinic:

Ian the boss of the company did the consultation and he was really understanding. I didn’t need to ask questions as I got my answers from the site. He should be proud of his staff ( Danny and Daz) at Manchester. They made you feel welcome and safe in their hands, two of the nicest people you could wish to meet

More positives I would like to mention, and this next one is an important one, HIS Hair Clinic offer all customers a 12 month guarantee.

Another good result from HIS
Another good result from HIS

There is some confusion about exactly what this guarantee covers and at what stage it comes into play versus paid-for treatments, but from what I can tell the company usually holds true to this warranty, unless there is an obvious reason why they should not.

Finally, this provider is definitely the most open and transparent regarding its results.

They are one of only three companies that offers its clients a discussion forum (and it is by far the largest), and despite being in a tough position as a company representative, the resident moderator appears to do an excellent job of keeping the environment as unbiased as possible whilst still ticking the boxes in his job description.

The company has created well in excess of a hundred videos showing their results in as much detail as can be reasonably expected. HIS Hair Clinic also hosts a number of open days and has recently done a live broadcast of a treatment session streamed online.

Their customer service in the real world

No company is perfect, and as long as a business operates in an ethical manner and gets it right at least 95% of the time, that is as much as can be reasonably expected. Considering the number of customers they have, they do a pretty decent job of keeping them happy.

I remember a couple of years back, a handful of customers were complaining about the efficiency of their back office. Nothing particularly new here, just emails not being replied to quickly enough, staff that didn’t know the answers to some standard questions and templated responses to important issues raised by their clients. All of these issues are well documented in their own forum, and to their credit, HIS has never tried to hide these issues. Since then things seem to have improved somewhat, so I asked HIS co-Founder Ian Watson for his comments. This is what he came back with.

Of course we were aware that some aspects of our service were not as speedy or efficient as they should have been. We restructured our client services team last year to address this, and since then the improvement in overall service levels has been highly significant. We know we can never promise to get it right all of the time, and like any people-orientated business we do make mistakes from time to time, but we like to think we do everything we can to put it right and ultimately satisfy our client. Overall, we believe we now offer the best service in the industry.

So would I recommend HIS Hair Clinic?

There are some undeniable benefits to using HIS Hair Clinic. Not only have they been around for longer than anyone else, they have the most clinics and the best availability of practitioners. Some would argue their practitioners are the best in the world, but this is clearly subjective.

Given what we know, there are a few recommendations I would offer, as follows:

  • If possible have your consultation face to face, rather than rely on emails
  • Make sure all your questions are answered, and take an email address from your consultant in case you have any questions you forgot about
  • Research what type of treatment you would prefer. HIS offer a massive portfolio of past clients, so find a look you like and use it as a basis for discussion with your practitioner
  • Communicate any thoughts with your practitioner without hesitation
  • If you feel you need additional sessions, HIS offer a free post-treatment assessment so ask to be seen by a consultant

For more information about their scalp micropigmentation service, please see this page on the website.

Laurie Downing