Faded hairline

Choosing The Right Hairline For Your Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

No single element of your Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) treatment is more important than the hairline. As the single most visible aspect it is vital to get it absolutely right – But what is right is different for different clients, there is choice. Selecting the right hairline for you is a pivotal moment on the road to your perfect SMP, We take you through your choices.


Hairline Equals Eyeline


Every client that goes through the SMP treatment starts out with the same ambition. For the final outcome to be realistic enough to fool the world, enabling them to go about their day to day lives with supreme confidence borne of a bulletproof belief in the quality of their SMP. It is the hairline which is the critical piece of the mosaic that is SMP, the section that is immediately visible on first encounter, get it right and no-one will ever look past it or give your head a second look… except to admire it, or wonder why you shave a perfectly good head of hair.

You are, of course, in the hands of your practitioner and the clinic behind them. It stands to reason that if you have ended up in the hands of one of the unscrupulous clinics, and there are plenty out there, it has already gone wrong and your chances of achieving the perfect SMP are already significantly holed beneath the water line. But you get to make some crucial design choices.

It’s All About Choice


For those who have found their way to a quality clinic there will have been an important preamble to the moment you find yourself sitting in the treatment chair. An important conversation that closes the gap between exactly what you want and what your experienced practitioner recommends. Most significantly of all the exact position and style of your hairline. There is a natural position for anyone’s hairline, just above the wrinkles that form on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows. Don’t worry, the practitioner will help you get that right – though there is no harm in drawing your own on at home and playing around with the shape and height. An eyeliner pencil is ideal for the job.

Which just leaves the question of the all-important style, although it can be subsequently altered later clearly all concerned would much prefer to get it right first time. For the vast majority it is simply a question of identifying with the style most appropriate to your age or community. Options like density and shade matter. There are a few examples shown below but, according to the clinic you find yourself at, it is possible they are given slightly different names… Broken, jagged, faded, 3D and so many more. Whatever they call it, your best option is to point it out from pictures the clinic will show you.

As you can see from these pictures, whatever style you want is both available and utterly convincing. You just have to find your way to the right person to do the job. If you want our help we are always available to answer any SMP related questions you may have.


Broken hairline

Jagged hairline

Jagged hairline by Shadow Clinic


Laurie Downing