Hairline choices with Scalp Micropigmentation

No element of your Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is more critical to the final aesthetic outcome than the hairline. It is the element you will see every time you look in a mirror, or randomly catch your reflection in a window. So what should you expect, and just how much of a choice is there?

Why Is The Hairline So Important?

The hairline frames the face, it is the part of the puzzle that everyone meeting you, especially for the first time, will take in as part of the picture that is you. If it does not draw attention for the wrong reasons it will not draw any at all, at least not above the subliminal level where it simply ticks a box.


Why SMP?


smp needle


Hair loss sufferers are familiar with the benefits of framing their face, some with hair systems or transplants but all of us will have used a hat at some point (if not as a daily practice). SMP offers the unique ability to return that hairline, without the need for huge commitments of time and the lifestyle restrictions that come with a hair system. Or the invasive surgery and potential for scarring that comes with transplantation.
It is a mark of a good SMP technician that they are proficient in a range of hairline techniques, it is the aspect of the treatment they spend more time training on than any other. You should ensure that your expectations in regards to the hairline you are requesting are fully discussed. You can expect your technician to offer their advice on what might suit you best but at the end of the day it is your hairline and your decision to make.

What Are The Options?

What constitutes a perfect hairline will change from client to client according to taste. As well as a traditional sharp line, still very popular with some. other more natural looking finishes have been developed.

Below are a couple of examples of just what can be achieved. The first picture is an extremely realistic looking jagged hairline, absolutely superb work. Below that is the slightly more sophisticated look of a broken hairline… that is of course just my view. But that is the point isn’t it? That what we each want to see when we look in the mirror varies… and an SMP has the flexibility to accommodate a range of finishes.







SMP clients truly appreciate the amazing transformation the return of a hairline has on their appearance. For many it is a total revelation and a new lease of life.

So if you are suffering from hair loss of any degree or from any cause, why not book yourself a consultation with your local SMP provider to find out more about what an SMP might do for you.

Laurie Downing