Ken Fryer

HIS Hair Clinic vs Vinci Hair Clinic – Ken Fryer tried both

I literally just finished my personal rant at hair loss site earlier today, when I remembered a story I first saw in the HIS Hair forum about a guy called Ken Fryer. Its a good story and worth a read, especially if you’re considering a scalp micropigmentation treatment at either HIS Hair or Vinci.

It all started with this forum thread.

If you want the short version, basically Ken Fryer had his transformation at HIS Hair Clinic, and agreed to be shot in a promo video. The thread I linked to above is full of speculation so I’ll steer clear of that, but in a nutshell the relationship between Ken and HIS broke down. Ken then got a job at Vinci where he completed his treatment.

The reason for some of the animosity flying around is because it was suggested/implied that his full transformation took place at Vinci, when it didn’t. Personally, I would suggest putting yourself in his shoes. He works for Vinci now, so it would be unreasonable to expect him to be overly promotional as far as HIS Hair Clinic is concerned. After details emerged on the HIS forum, he’s been open about where he had his sessions.

Anyway, here is his latest video

Ken Fryer seems like a straight-up guy. His video doesn’t really help to answer the whole HIS versus Vinci thing, because you’re basically looking at a hybrid treatment between the two companies, but it does show that both companies are capable of producing good results. Ken seems happy, which is the most important thing.

I’d like to invite Ken to comment here personally, so I’m going to email him now. Hopefully he’ll drop by to give as unbiased an opinion as possible, not easy when he works for Vinci of course, but appreciated all the same.

Laurie Downing