How Long Does It Take To Become An Scalp MicroPigmentation Practitioner

It is an increasingly interesting question with ever more complicated answers, just how long does it take to become a Scalp MicroPigmentation practitioner? There are actually two answers, one addresses the time taken to develop a level of understanding and the technique to work in an established clinic, with the support and guidance of those teaching you to provide ongoing education. The other, how long it takes to possess the entire skill-set needed to run a clinic on your own.

Unregulated Industry

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The underlying problem of course is that in a wholly unregulated industry anyone can buy some equipment and set up a clinic. It seems unlikely that someone would do that without any related experience to convince them it is achievable, unfortunately we see tattooists and temporary make-up providers coming into the market with alarming regularity. There are obviously a couple of reasons why they might think their experience is appropriate, and the marketing on some of their websites attempts to draw parallels between their previous work and SMP. In fact, there is very little to link them – Equipment, pigments, fading, scalp conditions, skin tone… to name just some of the elements of SMP that are unique. Or at least should be, there are SMP clinics out there offering the treatment using the wrong equipment with inappropriate pigments and with zero experience or understanding of the issues that might present during a series of SMP treatments.

The Blind Leading The Blind

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The situation is further complicated by under qualified trainers – Clinics offering to train new practitioners who do not possess the necessary skills to perform the treatment themselves. This is potentially far more of a problem than the tattooists moving in to the industry… this process can result in people with as little as a couple of thousand pounds to invest to end up holding a certificate which declares them competent in a treatment they have almost no experience of delivering.

The answer to the question how long should training take is probably best answered by some of the truly well established providers – The original inventors of SMP, Ian and Ranbir from HIS Hair Clinic, train theirs for months… and to put someone in charge of a clinic… well, that can take a great deal longer. Lukan, the highly regarded owner at LGS in Birmingham, takes a dim view of those who not only operate sub-standard clinics but invite others to be trained by them – “It shows a callous money-driven disregard for the well-being of clients who come to them in desperate need of professional help.”

The result is a complicated marketplace, with very few bona fide operators providing high levels of customer care and with a focus on the final outcome.

Help Is At Hand

Here at SMP Debate it is our mission to help guide people through this maze, to identify the nearest appropriate clinic or to investigate the practices of others we have not heard of before but who they are considering.

With the help of those established clinics, and the fantastic input of the people we assist, who provide invaluable intel in the form of feedback on their experiences, our knowledge of the market improves constantly.

So if you are considering SMP as the solution to your hair loss, we invite you to get in touch to discuss your situation. We are always happy to hear from you, and delighted to help.


Laurie Downing