Mark and Bryce of Scalp Aesthetics

How Scalp Aesthetics is using micro pigmentation to connect the dots, one head at a time

When Bryce Cleveland decides to do something he does it in a big way! Scalp Aesthetics, his micro pigmentation company, is no different.

Though he is no stranger to business and what it takes to be successful, he found that this time around his investment was different, it was personal. That concept is exactly what sets him apart from his competitors. The connection between his head and his heart and how he hopes to do the same for his clients.

When I asked Bryce what sparked this fire inside of him, he looked at me and simply said “I was losing my hair and I knew it wasn’t worth losing my mind over.” For years Bryce suffered silently, covering himself in messy product and avoiding social activities and events that he flourished in. “I was sad and disappointed in myself even though I knew I had no control.” Comforted only by the knowledge that he wasn’t alone it drove him to find a long lasting resolution.

Mark and Bryce of Scalp Aesthetics
Bryce and Mark, two practitioners employed by Scalp Aesthetics. Bryce (left) is also the Founder of the company.

Taking Back Control

As explained in his book “Head to Heart” coming out this summer, it wasn’t until he found himself at his wits end, a hair transplant consultation with a $30,000 price tag and no guarantee that it would last or even work that he decided to take control. Soon the idea was born to create a system derived from all organic materials. A mix of product and procedure that would provide the illusion of hair without the daily demands of sprays and powders. A service that includes custom color blended inks that offers such high quality it can only be matched by the company’s hands-on and very personal approach. “It’s important for me to have passionate technicians. This is a very intimate and personal service and you have to have heart to fully understand and to provide the care that our clients are looking for. We have to remember that no matter how much we grow, it’s not about us it’s about them and wanting to give them their sexy back, but you have to have heart to do it”.

Before and after SMP by Scalp Aesthetics
Before and after photos showing an excellent SMP result achieved by Scalp Aesthetics

With this clients first approach he has been able to build Scalp Aesthetics from the ground up. With SA headquarters located in his hometown of Rochester, NY Bryce feels like the sky is the limit and is building a team of highly skilled technicians that bring their creative and compassionate tools the table. “In doing this I believe that we’ll be able to grow and set up locations that are more accessible to a wider audience. You can get in, get out and get back to your life with the comfort of knowing that we’re right in your backyard if you have any questions”.

Scalp Aesthetics: Building a Brand

Separating himself from the micro pigmentation pack is what Bryce Cleveland intends to do and he plans on doing this by building his SCALPA Brand. Starting with care creams for the actual procedure, there is NUM which provides relief for those more sensitive to pain and Anchor which doubles as a scalp and facial moisturizer, having a matte finish it is packed with natural and beneficial ingredients for your skin while providing an SPF of 60. For the body, there is a unisex fragrance named after the brand itself, SCALPA. “It’s fresh, fun and invigorating, all the things we want to be”. So it seems that the question of where this business is “growing” next does not come with one solid idea but rather a plan to branch into several related ones. “There is so much that I want for this brand, my ambition is relentless and I’m really trying to build a place that men can evolve with and feel that they belong no matter what you think of their image, because they are in control”.

Spreading like Wildfire

With the combination of head and heart it’s no wonder that Scalp Aesthetics is gaining headway (no pun intended) in the micro pigmentation industry. It looks like Scalp Aesthetics is definitely solidifying its placement in the cosmetic world, gaining followers from one moment to the next. They are also popping up at hair shows and connecting one on one with their audience. The best part for them it seems, is the actual connection. “We love feedback” says Eric, who is the procedure coordinator in Rochester, NY. He also adds that it’s not uncommon for him to answer a call from a client who has just had a procedure done. “They’ve handed me the line many times and urge me to talk with a brother or best friend that is suffering from a similar hair loss predicament. We meet many of our clients from those referrals and we urge them to stay in contact because this really is a life changing event for them. It energizes our spirits to be a part of their amazing transformation!”

A transformation indeed and one that lasts a lifetime! The SA procedure is guaranteed for up to ten years and there are optional insurance plans available. The Anchor Plan provides a client with four bottles of Anchor Lotion a year; guaranteeing their procedures results for life.

If you are interested in having this procedure done, Scalp Aesthetics is the place for you. Visit their website and YouTube page where you can gain some more base knowledge or just call 1-855-HAIR TAT and you’ll find that all of your questions are just a conversation away from a new you. Like they say; “Confidence, it’s all on your head!”

This article was published by on behalf of Scalp Aesthetics.

Laurie Downing