How To Look After Your SMP On Holiday

Holidays. For most of us a once a year opportunity to let our hair down, metaphorically speaking. We offer some advice on how to keep your SMP in top condition while you step out of your normal life and routines.

The annual vacation can see you expose your SMP to all manner of unusual situations, from salty sea-water to fierce desert sun. For many it will be a family trip to warmer climes and the chance to relax by a pool or on a beach. Others, more adventurous types, will venture into third degree jungle, or go off photographing polar bears in their natural environment. Of course, if you already live in Juneau, Alaska then hanging out with polar bears will not mean a massive change in protocols for looking after the SMP. The massive majority prefer something far removed from their daily lives. So what needs to be on their mind when they are packing to prepare for taking care of their SMP?

There Is Nothing To Worry About!

its all ok

Let’s start with that very important point, we completely understand when people write to us concerned that their upcoming adventure might present a threat to their newly adorned SMP – it cost a significant amount of money to start with but it will also have improved their life, maybe a fraction, maybe profoundly. In either case, it is not something they want to see disappear over the course of a 10 day vacation.

Horses For Courses

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To begin with, the first consideration is of course the environment you will find yourself in when you arrive, as well as how that compares to your normal. In cold climates you will quite possible be wearing a hat, this is not a problem unless you are still within the time-frame which stipulates keeping sweating to a minimum… by which we mean the period immediately after treatment.

The same applies to sunny and hot climates where sweating would again be an issue for a very new SMP. High factor sun-block, deviod of alcohol as an ingredient… you will need to search as almost all do use alcohol – you are not missing out, it is not an active ingredient, just the popular choice for making sun-block into a cream you can spread on.

Water Water Everywhere


A typical sunny holiday features water. Whether it be in a pool or in the sea the effect on the scalp can be to dry it out. Moisturising regularly is highly recommended, again you will need to find a product that does not use alcohol. You will also want to be sure your sun-block is waterproof, unless you are scuba diving, or willing to wear a swimming cap… which we don’t recommend, or even understand – why would anyone who has spent that much to look that good want to wear a swimming cap?

SMP Debate

That it is a low maintenance, zero fuss, option was always one of the massive benefits of an SMP. It should come as little surprise that any extra care required on a holiday is pretty minor, and based on common sense. So, as we said somewhere near the start, there really is nothing to worry about. Kick back, relax, enjoy yourself. We bet you earned it.

If you still have concerns, or are about to do something we haven’t considered, then please write to us at and we will be delighted to offer some personal advice… on this or any SMP related matter. We look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Downing