How To Prepare for Your SMP Treatment

The chances are that you will have asked yourself every question you could think of when considering SMP and it’s suitability as the right hair loss solution for you. By the time you actually book your appointment and arrive for your first treatment you will have spoken to a technician, ,maybe a friend or two, possible spent some time on forums talking to other former clients… Maybe you will have done all of these things, plenty do.

But once you have taken the decision to go ahead there is some preparation you can do that will improve the experience and help your technician get to the best possible result. So here is the dummies guide on things to do before you leave for your treatment.

Shave your head


For some.shaving the head will have been a part of the procedure for a long time. Lets face it, the buzz cut makes a lot of aesthetic sense for men with hair loss. For many others however, who have been wearing systems for example, shaving the head will be a completely original experience. Learning the art of shaving your head is just one good reason to do it – In addition you will get to meet your scalp for the first time… possibly discovering old scars, blemishes, birthmarks etc.  Any number of minor conditions that your technician will want to be aware of will become visible. Lastly, there is some benefit in exposing your scalp to some good old ultraviolet rays, while you might not necessarily want to tan the top of your head you will benefit aesthetically from having the skin on your head being broadly the same shade as the rest of your face and neck.

Preparing the canvas

head massage

The most common problem seen by SMP technicians, tackled on a daily basis, is that of dry skin. It can make their job more challenging and have an impact on the final outcome. Even though any issues will be address during follow up sessions it is infinitely preferable If there is any dry skin on your scalp, it can make it more difficult for your micropigmentation practitioner to do their job, and thus have a negative effect on the overall result. To get your scalp in A1 condition ready for the big day you should moisturise at least a couple of times daily, more if you can.

Any moisturiser will do, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are able to show your scalp to the technician at consultation stage he or she will be able to offer further advice.

Pain is not all in the mind

pain relief

It is not possible to predict the level of pain any given client might have to go through, the treatment is only mildly invasive. For some it is an almost painless process, others will experience discomfort. For many there will be some pain in particular areas, often the temples and crown. Your technician will understand this and work on those tender zones in short bursts – but there is nothing to stop you taking some paracetamol and/or ibuprofen. It is certainly something you need to have ready in advance, once you are in the chair and being treated it is already too late.

Its a really good idea to arrive for your treatment with a clear idea of what you would like your finished look to be. Where do you want your hairline? Do you want it sharp or feathered? Light or dark?

Of course your technician will bring a great deal of experience to the discussion but will ultimately be led by what you want. If you have some it is a great idea to take along some photos of yourself from before the hair loss started… it can help the technician identify exactly where your original hairline was.

Laurie Downing