I Was On My Way To The Forum…

More accurately I have just got back. But more of that later.

Forums are excellent places. If constructed well and moderated properly they can provide a singularly reliable source of information about something like Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

What Did You Know About It?


Scalp Micropigmentation is not one of those things, like laser eye surgery, that is in the public domain.  The rest of the solutions for hair loss are pretty well understood. For the vast majority of hair loss sufferers, discovering SMP will have been achieved using the internet while researching the various solutions available. These options can be reduced into two broad groups. The first have some medical basis for their offering, with varying outcomes and commitment levels in terms of cost. The rest involve anything from chanting and crystals to pigeon droppings and cow saliva. What they all have in common is that the public are aware of them. Scalp Micropigmentation, in every respect, is different.

What Do They Say?


Public attitudes towards hair loss solutions seem pretty much dependent on how the media treats people in the spotlight.  For example, wearers of hair systems are definitely more ridiculed than those who go for hair transplants – unquestionably due to a lack of understanding. Why would a Hollywood A lister choose to wear a hair system, with all their money and lifestyle options what could possibly cause them to opt for something that seriously inhibits their ability to enjoy themselves. The answer is obvious of course – that the onset of hair loss is emotionally challenging for anyone. For a celebrity of any kind it can only be magnified by having cameras randomly pointed at you when you leave a restaurant, or even home if you are hot news. The truth is, for most of us, our friends family and colleagues are invariably supportive… or don’t give a damn either way.

Back to the Forum


So, I was visiting a forum when I came across an excellent Scalp Micropigmentation anecdote. It was from a chap who had been considering SMP for a while, impressed with before and after pictures on the web he was keen to meet someone who had been treated, only for a dinner visitor to have a great looking shaved head that had him wondering all evening.  He took every opportunity to inspect but by the end of the evening was none the wiser as to whether this was an SMP or a real shaved head.  The following day he was able to confirm through the mutual friend that had originally bought the guest that he had indeed been through Scalp Micropigmentation… it came as a surprise to the mutual friend too.

For now, Scalp Micropigmentation remains a closed shop. Known about by its clients and those who have discovered it because it might be their solution too. On the right head it will always be a cool look, done properly its ability to camouflage scars or return men, particularly young men, to full hairlines can be transformational.  If you don’t believe me, find a forum and read for yourself.

Laurie Downing