Is Scalp Micropigmentation Right For Me?

Not everyone who suffers from hair loss is a hair loss sufferer.  From Yul Brynner and Telly Savalas to Jason Statham and “The Rock” there have always been plenty of role models for men going through hair loss to look up to and/or identify with.  But for hair loss sufferers those confident celebrities make no difference to how they feel about their own condition.

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Exactly what it is that makes the difference between those for whom hair loss is no problem and those for whom it is a disastrous, spirit crushing issue is not clear. Probably, it is a combination of things… how you felt when you very first noticed it, maybe genetics mean you have been anxiously watching your hairline for ages waiting for the inevitable to begin. For some those feelings of anxiety will be either calmed or magnified by the reactions of their nearest and dearest… as well as those of strangers in bars. Personally, I think it is primarily about how you, as an individual, feel when you look in the mirror.  No doubt some will see such a deterioration in their appearance that doing nothing does not feel like an option. At the end of the day we cannot all carry off the receding look.

What Are My Options?


For those who decide they are going to do something about it the options are mostly well known:

  • Drugs: Can be used to slow down, halt, or even marginally reverse the hair loss. Careful consideration needs to be given as they are a lifelong commitment to a daily routine of medication that comes with recognised potential side-effects.
  • Transplantation: Two major alternatives here, FUE and FUT. Both bring the promise of moving your own hair around your scalp to fill in the receding area. Not suitable for everyone and only capable of achieving a certain level of result… with potential for trouble later when further progression along the Norwood Scale might expose both the transplanted hair (by receding away from behind the relocated follicles) and the harvested area… For FUT this means exposing a significant scar – definitely as shaving the hair short is removed as an option at precisely the time when many consider it.
  • Hair Replacement: Capable at its best of recreating the appearance of a full head of hair that can be styled. Like drugs it comes with a serious commitment in terms of maintenance and care. They can be uncomfortable in hot weather and seriously restrict your options in terms of lifestyle (they cannot get wet for example).

Scalp Micropigmentation

Little wonder then that Scalp Micropigmentation has had such a dramatic effect on the hair loss industry. A solution that provides the client with the appearance of a full head of buzz cut hair with no demands for maintenance that should not form part of your daily routine anyway… cleansing and moisturising. A treatment that frees you to live exactly the lifestyle you choose.

For young sufferers in particular it has proved to be a spectacularly popular option. An appearance that has been in style for decades and now spans all age groups is proving a massive hit. A little time spent on forums reading the personal stories of clients, shows it can have the most profoundly positive impact on the lives of some of these people.

Everyone involved in the industry understands it is a big decision, with most clients unaware of the treatment until they began researching their options even reaching the point where they are prepared to consider it seriously is a major process of due diligence.

In the hands of an experienced SMP practitioner it is absolutely achievable to deliver a compelling outcome regardless of hair colour, skin tone or degree of hair loss. The treatment is even highly effective at camouflaging those scars from Hair Transplantation.

It is a big deal for those who go through with it, make no mistake. If you are here reading this it can only be that you are considering it yourself. Why not get in touch by writing to us at  – send in a couple of pictures along with details of your location, we will reply with details of local providers… you will only be put in contact with reputable businesses we know as operating to exacting standards.

Laurie Downing