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Is Scalp Micropigmentation Suitable For Fair Haired Men?

If you spend some time looking at provider sites and their forums you will notice, very quickly, that the massive majority of the images are of darker skinned men. To the extent that we hear regularly from fair skinned men with blonde hair who are concerned about whether Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is right for them, asking whether it can achieve the same outstanding results they see on the sites. We explain exactly why they have every reason to expect the same level of perfection.


A Question of Shade

Image result for range of skin colours

To start with we need to take a quick look at the differences in approach required of the practitioner according to the client they are treating. Typically, when treating darker skinned men they would expect to see a higher density of follicles. Not only are there more of them but these follicles are also darker, of course, as well as slightly larger.

These differences need to be borne in mind when selecting the appropriate shade of pigment and how to apply it. There is a minor advantage seen when the client comes back for their second session. This is the treatment where the fading since session 1, or lack thereof, is judged and a precise plan for completion is formulated. The advantage lies in the range of pigments that can be used, you can expect more than one pigment to be applied and blended in with the existing follicles.

A Fair Choice

What does this all mean for a fair skinned client? Pigments are selected from a wide range of up to 60 shades. By starting session 1 using very light shades the practitioner can guard against a lack of fading, that might leave the client with an SMP that is too dark – this can be challenging to rectify without using laser. Though there is always the option for the client to wet shave daily, which can allow a client to carry off a darker SMP than a version blended with their own natural follicles. This is an option at the outset of course and the pictures below show what can be achieved when a client chooses to go darker than his natural tones using this method.

Having started the treatment with very light pigments, the second session will see the pigments chosen that will deliver the perfect SMP. By using the first session results as a base, a first coat if you like, darker pigments would be used to provide depth and realistic range of shades across the scalp. Crucially the dot size needs to perfectly replicate the clients’ own follicles.

The fact is that fair skinned men are proportionally well represented as SMP clients and always have been. Established providers will have plenty of images to show you and some will even help you arrange a meeting with former clients.

If you are considering SMP then please get in touch with us, we are always happy to guide you through the maze. The explosion in new providers on the market means it has never been so difficult to perform your own due diligence, we would be delighted to help you find a local provider with the appropriate experience and ability. Please do contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Downing