Is Scalp MicroPigmentation The Same For Everyone?

In a perfect world Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) would be a far simpler process. One where answers were clear and where the results were predictable. We take a closer look at some of the challenges in delivering perfect work.


Is SMP For Me?

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It is the first question anyone asks themselves upon discovering the treatment. The two essential ingredients that everyone has in common will be some degree of hair loss and a desire to do something about it – but beyond that there is a huge variation in what is required to deliver their SMP. The right combination of shade, density and hairline will all have to be determined in each case. Then of course there is the treatment journey, where highly individual degrees of fading between clients means the practitioner must bring all their experience to bear when starting the all important second session.


Things To Consider

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What exactly are the elements that apply to you when it comes to the basic rules of SMP? Basically it all comes down to genetics, an experienced practitioner will talk you through it when the time comes. You can expect to receive an SMP that is appropriate for your skin and hair type – For white men this will typically mean a higher density of smaller follicles requiring a painstakingly deliberate approach. Not that the approach is any less deliberate if your skin is darker… although there is less density of follicles it becomes vital to create slightly larger follicles to reflect the increased thickness of the hairs on darker skinned men, and it does follow an almost linear path that says the darker the hair the thicker the individual hairs. For the practitioner it means taking enormous care not to place too much pigment, in case this leads to smudging or smearing.

If shade and density are the essential ingredients in a convincing SMP, elements where your practitioner will inform your thinking and use their experience to deliver results, there is an aspect of the treatment that is all about the client and their preference. It is the hairline, that vital piece of the puzzle, which defines in so many regards, the overall look and feel of the work.  The hairline you choose should reflect your age and culture.


SMP Debate


When all things are taken into consideration, if you are ready to do something about your hair loss and are confident that the buzz cut look is one that fits into your style and life, then SMP has already proved itself as capable of profoundly improving the lives of thousands of men. Find the right clinic and you are most of the way there… if you would like to get in touch with a reputable clinic near you then drop us a line and we will do our best to help you. To get in touch please click here.

Laurie Downing