Laser Removal – In Pictures

Following on from yesterdays guidance on laser removal, we thought we would follow up by showing you some of what can be done with a modern laser system in the hands of an expert.

Here you can see how a laser machine can be used to both improve and remove SMP treatment.


SMP after laser removal
This photograph above shows a frontal hairline treated with SMP, then removed by laser. The two red lines show where his hairline was after SMP, and where it was positioned after his laser removal session.
New hairline after laser and reapplication of SMP
This photo was taken after the clients original SMP hairline was removed (see image above) then reapplied in a more aesthetically correct fashion.

To their credit, HIS Hair Clinic have published a couple of videos to openly demonstrate how laser removal can work. One of these videos is shown below.

Things To Bear In Mind

Laser does use heat to do it’s job and there is always some small amount of your remaining hair that will be hit by the laser. It is typically estimated that up to 5% of your remaining follicles could be damaged. For transplanted hair that rate rises to 20%.

Finally, there is a an element of Caveat Emptor, or buyer beware, about laser. If you simply choose the cheapest removal service available you may end up in the hands of an inexperienced technician¬† with a risk of equipment misuse that can lead to scarring. If your SMP was performed by a reputable provider then you shouldn’t have too much to worry about, but pigments containing metal oxides cannot be removed by laser (the metal overheats and can cause permanent damage). If you are unsure then a patch test is an absolute must.

In conclusion, a professionally applied SMP is simple, safe and quick to remove or remodel. There are a range of considerations you need to bear in mind and due diligence on your removal provider is vital.

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Laurie Downing