Looking After Your Scalp MicroPigmentation

You just stepped out of the clinic having completed the first of your three session Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) treatment. It looked damn good in the mirror while still in the chair, if a little red in places. You will be wondering how it might settle down, what your nearest and dearest will make of it… but you really need to focus on the part of the treatment that is all down to you. Good aftercare is vital for the long term outcome of your SMP. What you do and how you look after it between the sessions will have a permanent impact.


Looking After Your Investment


You probably spent a lot of time looking into the treatment – from discovering Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) existed, researching what it might do in your situation, spending time on the forums reading the experiences of others. You may have even arranged to meet up with some clients or gone along to a consultation at one or more clinics. Some people spend months,  even years, before pressing the button and going ahead with their treatment. Then there is the cost… while it compares very favourably to the costs associated with transplants or the long term ownership of a quality hair system, that does not mean it is small change.

So having invested in time and money you would be crazy not to look after it. To do this properly it is important to understand the phases of aftercare required. The first,vital, aftercare takes place between the sessions while you are having your treatment. They do mean, in these very early stages, some small sacrifices have to be made. Once treatment is complete you can move on to the routine that will become your long term care… nothing too onerous in there above and beyond a straightforward washing, cleansing and moisturizing routine that will be easily habit forming (if it isn’t already).

During Treatment

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A simple list of things to do and, just as importantly, things not to do:

– You should avoid showering your head for the first 2-3 days after your treatment, then have light showers for another 4-5 days. After the first week you can start to shower normally again.
– You should avoid swimming/saunas and steam rooms for 28 days after your final treatment.
– You should keep out of the sun for 28 days after treatment and thereafter use and SPF factor of 30 -50.
– You should avoid heavy exercise for 3 days after your final treatment
– You should moisturise regularly after 3 days from your final treatment

After Treatment

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You will be relieved to read that once you leave the clinic for the last time you can look forward to a completely normal life. Obviously, for the first few days you will need to observe the rules around immediate aftercare. Avoid heavy exercise and showering your head. Then for the first month at least you should keep it out of the sun.

Once you are through that period however, the daily routine is a doddle. Cleanse and moisturise regularly, use high factor sun protection or wear a hat when outdoors… we realise the whole idea is not to be wearing a hat but sometimes needs must. We do recommend spending some time researching the products you use… avoiding alcohol in creams is important for example. You will be using an awful lot of them over time so make sure they are the right ones for you.

Laurie Downing