Preparing for your Scalp MicroPigmentation Treatment

The most crucial element of getting the right Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment is selecting the clinic – Of course it is! But that does not mean there are not a host of things for you to consider ahead of your appointment. Arriving on the day fully prepared can make a huge difference to the end result. We offer some thoughts on what you should be considering and doing in the run up.


SMP On Your Mind



We receive any number of requests for advice on choosing a clinic, it has always been something we see as at the heart of what we do… and never more important than now with the proliferation of sub standard clinics and have-a-go heroes setting up as SMP providers. But to think the work is done when you have chosen the right clinic would be a big mistake. We understand that for most the decision to go ahead with SMP is a major one, arrived at only after months (sometimes years!) of consideration. The resistance comes from misinformed concerns like “Will my colleagues/friends/pupils spot me and call me out!?” and “Can it really look realistic?” Because it takes time to build confidence in the treatment there is invariably some element of a leap of faith when it comes to actually putting down the deposit and committing to a date. Understandable then that the temptation might be to relax at that point, consider your input to the process complete. In fact you should simply be moving on to the next stage of the process… a critical time between paying your deposit and turning up at the clinic. We offer a simple list, things to do and consider that will not only contribute to the finished SMP but also help you build your confidence ahead of the treatment.

Choosing The Right Clinic

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There are plenty of posts on this site covering this topic, little wonder when the research can leave you feeling like you are in a long dark tunnel. The headline would be to do your due diligence and make sure you are dealing with a bona fide operator (you can always drop us a line if you have doubts and we can look into them for you). The right clinic will put you in the hands of a practitioner who puts you at ease through their experience and knowledge, the experience of meeting them should be wholly positive and leave you convinced you are in the right hands. They should be discussing the details of your SMP with you and making all the right noises about design, shade and density. The finish should be the right one for you.

Supporting the practitioner should be a client focused business with a great approach to customer care, you would want to have fixed costs for touch up sessions, especially in the first year. One thing to bear in mind when selecting your clinic is that you will need to make several visits… so make sure the journey is reasonable.

Getting It Right

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This starts with your first conversation with the clinic – which might take place in a phone or skype call. It is important to be absolutely clear about your hopes for the treatment so your expectations can be set and met. You can help by seriously considering the look you want to achieve. Go online and find hairlines you like, print one off and take it with you on the day – it will be a help to the practitioner.

One handy hint, especially if you are with one of the major providers, where you may not be seen by the same practitioner at your second or subsequent sessions, is to fully recap what was agreed at the first session when you go along for your follow up… do not assume the practitioner will either remember the details, or have had them passed along successfully if it is not with the same person.

As a final note, bear in mind your treatment will normally comprise two or three sessions so don’t be scared to change your mind about exactly what you want…. the practitioner will be able to accommodate some changes in approach, even after the first session is complete.

If you need help or advice on any aspect of this process we are always happy to help. To get in touch click here – We look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Downing