Reasons To Switch From A Hair System To SMP

Hair systems have come a long way in recent years, but there are still plenty of good reasons why a switch to an SMP makes sense.

Hair systems do not seem to have been with us that long. The term has come to replace “the wig” as providers sought to differentiate themselves from all the negative sentiment around the word.

To be fair they had sound reasons for wanting to re-invent their offering. The product has moved on considerably, micro-technology has enabled ever finer systems to be produced but all the way through the process science has improved things. From the glues used to hold the system in place to laser scanning of client’s heads to produce perfect facsimile’s of their skull shape.

Of course they still come with all their old drawbacks in terms of lifestyle, it is what eventually gives cause to the decision to move on. Historically the only real option was to embrace their baldness and deal with the shock they inflict on friends and colleagues… and for some, even close members of their family will be suddenly informed that hair loss is in the genes, if they didn’t know it already.

Why Do People Choose Hair Systems


We completely understand the motivation towards a hair system. Ultimately, it is the only hair loss solution that can return you to a full head of hair, even better than the one you had before your hair loss began. Nobody walks into it blind, it is just that the drawbacks seem a small price to pay… to begin with.

So What Are The Drawbacks?


We would cite cost as the first and principal blocker for many who would otherwise consider it. We live in a connected world and it is all too easy to find clinics willing to take you on. Many will waste money on cheap sub-standard versions that they hope will do the job, but don’t come close.

A good well-fitted system will run to thousands of dollars, and you need to buy two so the process of maintaining them never leaves you without. You will need to return to the clinic on a regular basis to have the newly maintained one re-fitted… which of course comes at a cost. It brings into the equation a clinic owners favourite term, recurring revenues. You may be paying up to $300 a month for the upkeep.

Day to day care involves making sure everything is exactly where everything is meant to be. That might mean sticking down the hairline occasionally.

Cost and turning yourself into a hairdresser are really the least of your concerns though. If the price makes sense for you then that is fine, and anyone with hair has to spend some time taking care of it. The real drawbacks are social. Hot weather can be miserable. Hydrophobia, the fear of water, becomes everyday. Be it rain, swimming, children with water pistols, foam parties at nightclubs… the list is endless and the fear real. Sweating excessively can be an issue, which puts immediate limits on your social agenda – whether you are a gym monkey or a party animal. There is a fragility to wearing a system that goes hand in hand with the terrifying prospect of discovery, depending on the social situation and your company when it happens there might be no getting over it.

Why Move On?


In truth, most of the system wearers we talk to will reference the peril of discovery but it is not their motivation for wanting to change. It is the routines that wear them down – their decision is based on a motion towards being liberated in every respect, from the system and everything that goes with it.

Why SMP Is Perfect?



SMP uniquely enables a system wearer to reappear in social settings with what seems to be buzz cut version of what everyone has grown used to. Naturally it will prompt questions about the decision but this is infinitely preferable to the alternative. Who wants to suddenly appear to age 10 or 20 years?

For those wearers who resorted to a system when transplants let them down there is the added issue of the harvest scars left behind by the surgeon. SMP can camouflage these at the same time as delivering the replicated hair.

Not to mention that, compared to the just the price of maintaining a system, an SMP will save you money within the first year.

What SMP Debate say

If you are a system wearer considering how to move on, or have already begun your investigations, we would be delighted to hear from you with any questions you have regarding SMP. Reach us at


Laurie Downing