Scalp Aesthetics video

Reinvent yourself with scalp micropigmentation. A brilliant video by Scalp Aesthetics

This is a truly excellent video that demonstrates in a very human way, how a change in your appearance can create change in all aspects of your life.

Carlos Diaz is 44 years old, and suffered with hair loss for a long time. Unlike many people who realise they’re balding, Carlos wasn’t unduly upset by this realisation. Coming at this procedure from a completely different angle, Carlos was actually very happy with his life and lifestyle.

As Carlos puts it:

I came here to reinvent myself. Not that I need to, but its something I want to do for myself. This is more of a self-improvement thing for me.

He didn’t have SMP because he felt dissatisfied with his life. He had SMP because he wanted to improve the confidence he already had.

Laurie Downing