FUE scars

Scalp micropigmentation for the camouflage of FUE scars

If you’re reading this post, the chances are you’re well aware of what FUE is, in fact you’ve probably had a procedure already. For the uninitiated, or perhaps those who stumbled upon this post while merely browsing, FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, and is a method used during some hair transplant procedures.

In comparison to other options, FUE is a more advanced form of hair restoration that does not leave the typical linear scar at the back of the head like regular surgery does. Instead, follicles are extracted from the back of the head in small batches and redistributed to where they are needed.

This means the resulting scars are easier to camouflage using scalp micropigmentation techniques, although depending on the nature of your hair surgery, scarring can still be extensive and require a skilled SMP technician to rectify effectively.

Here is an example of a FUE recipient before and after scalp micropigmentation.

Good Look Ink FUE scars
This is a client of Good Look Ink, showing classic FUE scarring. So much for FUE scars being undetectable! A clear improvement is seen after his scalp micropigmentation treatment

And here is another.

FUE scars camouflaged by Vinci
These photos show another set of FUE scars, this time camouflaged by Vinci Hair Clinic. These results are very impressive indeed

Scars caused by follicular unit extraction are actually easier to hide using scalp micropigmentation, as the pattern is more sporadic and random, helping to break any giveaway uniformity from the outset. Irregular fading of the pigmentation is also harder to detect.

The results shown above are fairly typical. If you have FUE scars and want to know what level of concealment you could achieve, drop an enquiry to us via this site, and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Laurie Downing