Scalp Micropigmentation – Not Just For The Boys

It is not too much of a leap for us to empathise with women experiencing similar hair loss issues to our own. The shocking truth is that women make up 40% of hair loss sufferers in the US. For men hair loss follows a predictable path, along the Norwood Scale, which sees the temples recede followed by some thinning at the crown. This process continues until the wearer is left with nothing but the classic horseshoe. When hair loss presents in any other way it is a clear sign to a Doctor that something else is at play. Hair loss for women has a different pathology but the potential for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to help is clear.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is now firmly established as a great option for men who are choosing to do something about their hair loss or scars. For men it offers a definitive outcome and the promise of a return to a full hairline. Our male readers understand the emotional impact of a receding hairline, particularly when it happens at an early age. But despite male pattern hair loss being an unavoidable part of the process for the majority of men, the fact is that for many of us the sight of our own scalp slowly appearing has negative connotations of advancing age and decreasing virility. It can leave us lacking confidence in social situations, even those where only our own family are present. Social environments like bars and clubs, places where we used to go to enjoy ourselves, might become fraught with the anxieties around perceptions of being stared at or, even worse, laughed at.

What Is A Girl To Do?

thinning women

Hair loss for women, almost regardless of cause, typically presents as thinning across the whole scalp. This lack of variation in how the sufferer presents makes the cause incredibly difficult to diagnose. Nevertheless, many of the conditions that trigger hair loss for women can be addressed and the scalp returned to its original state. Which means a visit to the Doctor is an absolute must.

The fact is that whatever the diagnosis, and even if the prognosis is positive in terms of a return to a full head of hair, there is likely to be a period of time when the thinning hair will need to be lived with. A woman’s familiarity with using cosmetics to enhance or conceal means that SMP is not a great leap of imagination, and it has been used to great effect camouflaging receding hairlines or a widening gap at the centre. For other women for whom the prognosis is less positive SMP can prove a long term ally – particularly as a hair transplant is not usually recommended due to the lack of a stable donor area.

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Using state of the art bespoke technology to deliver totally organic pigments into the upper layer of the dermis, the appearance of healthy hair follicles is recreated, while they cannot recreate the appearance of length an experienced technician is highly proficient in the art of camouflage and able to effectively disguise a range of womens hair loss problems. If your condition is treatable then you can also rest assured that SMP does absolutely no harm to the existing follicles.

Laurie Downing