Scalp micropigmentation reviews – find the best practitioner

Standards in the world of scalp micropigmentation differ greatly from company to company, and from practitioner to practitioner. So how can you be sure you’re receiving the very best treatment?

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As a very general rule, the best practitioners work for the best, most established companies, however it isn’t always as simple as that. For example Damon Ashcroft works for Skalp Clinic, a relative newcomer, however Damon himself is a former HIS Hair Clinic practitioner, in fact he was one of their longest serving and most experienced. On the other hand Aldemar Campos of Pigmentalia is also a former HIS practitioner with a similar level of experience, however there have been questions raised about the standard of his treatments.

Excellent SMP result
Scalp micropigmentation exactly as it should be. This result was delivered by Good Look Ink in Minneapolis and demonstrates exactly what the technique can achieve if applied by a skilled practitioner

Furthermore even the long established companies such as Vinci Hair Clinic and Good Look Ink have to recruit new staff from time to time. Is a newbie practitioner working for an established company able to deliver the same quality as their more experienced staff? Of course not.

At the end of the day everyone has to start somewhere. Even the most experienced scalp micropigmentation specialists were new on the job once upon a time, and just because a member of staff is new doesn’t necessarily make them any less willing, or less dedicated to the cause. However I do believe that if you are paying a premium for what is ultimately a life-changing service, you have the right to know what you’re getting for your money, so reading as many reviews as possible is important. Perhaps a two-tier cost structure based on experience level is the way to go, although I doubt any of the major providers would be willing to go down that route.

Poor SMP results
These photos highlight why selecting the right practitioner is so important. The best results are absolutely flawless, whereas results like these could make you regret your decision and have a lasting impact on your life, and your confidence.

Which are the most established technicians?

Although not entirely reliable to determine the experience of your specific practitioner, a starting point is to know which of the providers are longest serving. In no particular order, the companies with the most experience are as follows:

  • HIS Hair Clinic (worldwide)
  • Artistry Concepts (US)
  • Pro Hair Clinic (Belgium)
  • Vinci Hair Clinic (worldwide)
  • New Hair Institute (US)
  • Good Look Ink (US)

It is worth bearing in mind that although some companies such as New Hair Institute and Vinci Hair Clinic are relatively new on the scene as far as SMP is concerned, they do offer a wealth of experience in the hair transplant sector and therefore provide more expertise than many SMP-only counterparts.

The following companies haven’t been established as long, but have received a number of good reviews:

  • Skalp Clinic (UK)
  • Scalp Aesthetics (US)
  • Beauty Medical (Italy)

Search for reviews in the major scalp micropigmentation forums

There are a couple of SMP-specific forums online, within which you’ll find many reviews of the services provided by particular companies and their individual practitioners.

Be aware that some forums are owned, operated or sponsored by the major providers so check the validity of what you read. There is an ugly trend of spurious reviews, over-moderation and self interest on some of these sites, therefore it is important to not accept the reviews at face value, and to ensure that what you are reading is written by a genuine customer of that particular company.

The HIS Hair Clinic forum is by far the largest and most focused of the SMP-specific forums, and it actually feels rather unbiased and honest for a company-owned forum. Aside from this, most of the content around scalp micropigmentation can be found in some of the much larger, general hair loss destinations.

Laurie Downing