Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) – Confidence Is Key

Delivering a perfect Scalp MicroPigmentation requires skill and experience, every scalp is different and will take it’s own unique path to perfection. Before you part with hard earned cash you must be certain that your practitioner ticks all the boxes… but what exactly are they?


How To Become An SMP Practitioner

smp needle

As an unregulated industry the sad truth is that there is nothing to stop anyone opening a clinic and calling themselves an SMP practitioner… and we have seen a few instances of this. Hard to believe that anyone would inflict some of the work we have seen in the full knowledge that this was a very likely outcome.

Increasingly common are practitioners setting up on the back of a 3 or 5 day course, or worse an online course, which has “certificated” them for practice. A popular path sees someone running a semi permanent make-up business and thinking that SMP could make a natural extension to their portfolio. Unfortunately, recreating eyebrows and full heads of hair have nothing to do with one another… the similarity starts and ends with the fact that a needle is used.

Like A Good Whisky…

whisky maturing

In our opinion there is only one way for practitioners to learn their craft. Slowly. They need to have seen an awful lot of SMP journeys before they can appreciate the many potential bumps in the road, and of course how to address them to get back on track. In many ways they need to mature like a good whisky. Like a good whisky they will end up with their unique strengths but, matured properly, all will achieve a form of perfection.

Look Them In The Eye


Our very best advice for anyone trying to do their research on a local clinic is to get along for a consultation. It is a great chance to see the clinic in operation and get a feel for their professionalism. More importantly it should be a chance for you to meet the practitioner who will work on you, so take some time and arrive with questions. Preferably lots of questions, if you do not have the time to generate that many then choose a couple of humdingers from a forum… the detail they can provide and the honesty they offer can provide important insights as to their credibility.

SMP Debate


If you are struggling to find a local clinic, or want to sanity check what you are being told, we are always happy to hear from would-be SMP’ers and provide what help we can. Get in touch using our contact page, we look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Downing