Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) – Getting It Right First Time

Over the years, the ability of the established clinics to repair bad work done elsewhere has improved considerably. But that is no substitute for finding the right clinic and getting it right first time. We offer some tips on how to find the right clinic.


What Makes A Good SMP?

So much more goes into a great SMP than simply putting thousands of dots onto a clients scalp. Reading the forums can be a little intimidating and leave the casual visitor with the impression that there are many considerations that had never occurred to them before their visit. We reduce it to three key factors, “The 3 P’s”, that it is vital you check on.




First you need to consider the pigment the clinic is using.. If it contains metallic oxides, like many traditional tattooists ink do, you run the risk of fading being accompanied by discolouration as the molecules break down. The simple small elements being carried away to your lymph nodes leaving behind the heavier metal molecules – which usually offer a blue or green shade.

Once you have confirmed the pigment is appropriate you need to consider the shade that will be used. It highly advisable to “go light” with the first session. This allows the practitioner to study the degree of fading at the outset of the second session… and accordingly use a darker shade or more density… or of course simply touch up the first session – all according to the wide range of reactions that are possible following session 1.


Experienced SMP practitioners

Choosing the correct shade to start your treatment is a process that should see a recommendation come from your practitioner. The quality of their training and depth of their experience should mean they are eminently well-qualified to guide you on your SMP journey. The second session is the key one, it is where perfection is attempted if not always achieved. It may be that a third session is required… sometimes a little while after the second.

You should expect to see photographic examples of the work your practitioner has done previously, some clinics will even invite you to see someone being treated.




It is often true in life that you get what you pay for. An example from the world of SMP would be a clinic that suggests a perfect SMP can be achieved in a single session… That is as rare as hen’s teeth, as rare as the client who fades to absolutely nothing in a few weeks. There is a certain statistical possibility, as there is for being struck by lightning on any given day, but it is ridiculously unlikely.

It is essential that you understand what the process is for your treatment if it does not all run on rails. If you have a high degree of fading for example and eventually need 5 sessions to get there – you want reassurances that the price will not simply spiral.

SMP Debate


We realise that there will always be those who, having discovered SMP, cannot wait to get it done. They head towards the first clinic they talk to and throw themselves at their mercy. Others will research for months or even years in some cases, reading everything they can lay their hands on and attending multiple consultations. Wherever you are on that scale we urge you to at least take the time to go through our 3P’s. They won’t take long and might save you a lot of money and heartache. If you are not sure where to start, or want some help finding a reputable clinic, tell us about your situation and we would be happy to help. Click here to contact us.

Laurie Downing