Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) – No Substitute For Experience

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is into it’s second decade as an available option for hair loss treatment. Done well it can be a life changing procedure, especially for young men emotionally cut off from their peer group by their hair loss. While that longevity means there are now some deeply experienced clinics out there, it does not mean that there are not a veritable tsunami of new entrants.What exactly are the risks associated with choosing the wrong practitioner? What can go wrong and the remedies are exactly why we say there really is no substitute for experience.

A Rapidly Growing Market

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Many come to the business with the honest, if misguided, belief they are capable of doing a good job – their background as tattoo artists or permanent make-up providers will often be cited as the reasons why you might choose them, when they are exactly why you need to steer well clear. The equipment and techniques needed for SMP are completely different than those used in either of these other fields. In fact, apart from the fact that they all involve the use of needles to deliver pigment there is not much else in common. Getting any one of them wrong might result in permanent problems.


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For the long-term maintenance of a high quality SMP treatment it is vital the correct pigment is used. Both in terms of its shade, so as to perfectly match the clients own hair, and in composition. Many SMP providers still use pigments containing iron oxide – which will get extremely hot if ever laser removal is attempted, almost certainly leaving small scars. Good SMP pigments will be completely organic and made of extremely simple molecules – which in turn will stop them changing colour or spreading over time.


Bad SMP treatment
This is a bad scalp micropigmentation treatment, no question

In the hands of an inexperienced practitioner you run the risk of their lack of knowledge inflicting over density on your scalp. This can result in the appearance of a solid block rather than dots, the dots may have gone on perfectly but a small amount of spreading post treatment can leave the client looking like they are wearing a swimming cap. Depending on the composition of the pigments used it might not be possible to remove it without scarring.

Aesthetic Outcome


One thing an experienced practitioner definitely brings to the table is the ability to deliver a range of aesthetic finishes. Variations of shade, density and hairline can all be combined to achieve a finish that is sympathetic to the wishes of the client and appropriate for their lifestyle… with the option to return at a later date for a change should they wish.

Help Is At Hand

Fear not! SMP Debate exists to help people who want to do something about their hair loss and are considering SMP. We can take the worry from due diligence

Laurie Downing