SMP and the broken, jagged or faded hairline

The ultimate aim of any scalp micropigmentation treatment is for the final illusion to look realistic enough to fool anyone, as the recipient goes about their daily business. For this reason, a natural look is absolutely vital to ensure that your appearance doesn’t attract the wrong kind of attention. A broken hairline plays an important role as it draws attention away from your hairline and mimics how you would expect someone who shaves their head to look.

Hair loss and baldness has become a huge problem for men around the world. More and more men suffer with the condition that can (in some cases) lead to huge self-confidence problems, social inactivity or even depression.

That is why it is extremely important to be able to treat the conditions in some way, if you believe it is becoming more than just a minor annoyance. Even though there are many methods available, not all of them are successful and permanent. SMP is not a new technique, it was developed more than ten years ago, but it is getting more and more popular due to the positive effects it has both on hair loss and self-confidence.

Whenever someone decides to have this treatment, many options become available including the shade, density and the position and style of the frontal hairline and side profiles. When you visit your chosen clinic for your consultation or first session, you would first agree a specific plan for your treatment. This plan is strictly individual and is one of the many things that make this technique so brilliant. You can literally reinvent your appearance however you see fit.

The main thing that you will have to choose is the position, shape and structure of your frontal hairline. The straight hairline used to be one of the most wanted by clients, but in recent years a new tendency is arising. The so called ‘broken’, ‘jagged’ or ‘faded’ hairline is growing in popularity. They are liked by so many people mainly because they look much more natural which makes them even better for treating hair loss problems.

The terms ‘broken’ and ‘jagged’ are used primarily by HIS Hair Clinic to describe different hairline styles. The term ‘faded’ is one I made up because I don’t really know how else to describe it. Your chosen provider may use different variations of these descriptives, but as they are the most commonly used, I’ll stick with these for the purposes of this article.

What do broken and jagged hairlines look like?

Having a broken hairline means that the line of the hair isn’t too strict, and where the hair ends its area isn’t very defined. That is actually how the normal hair of almost everyone looks like.

Broken hairline
This is a great example of a broken hairline, the work of a Skalp Clinic technician

The difference between the broken and the jagged hairlines is that the jagged hairline focuses mainly on removing your hairline’s straightness. Some people even go further and ask the practitioner to create a totally new scar for them and place it somewhere in the treated area.

Jagged hairline
A superb example of a jagged hairline. This procedure is the work of HIS Hair Clinic
Jagged hairline by Shadow Clinic
Another excellent jagged hairline, this time by The Shadow Clinic in Australia

A faded hairline looks more like a gradient and is potentially the most natural looking of all, but take it too far and it can look a little off. Faded, jagged or broken hairlines require a skilled technician to execute.

Faded hairline
This is what is referred to as a faded hairline. This excellent example was achieved by Vinci Hair Clinic

No matter which of these hairlines you choose, it is always a good idea to consider how you’ll feel about your new appearance when it is not so new. In other words, will you still be happy with your chosen look in 5, 10 or even 20 years time?

Laurie Downing