Before and after SMP

SMP before and after photos from all leading providers

When you’re doing your research into scalp micropigmentation, the big question is which provider to choose, right? I bet the biggest influencing factor is their before and after photos?

The problem is it can take AGES to research the before and after pictures supplied by each individual provider, technician or practitioner. Not any more!

This page is a directory of links to all major provider galleries or case study archives. I can’t cover every single provider in the world as that would take a ridiculous amount of time, but I’ve got most of the popular choices. Just click the links and view the photos!

Please note: The inclusion of these providers is not an endorsement. If you want an honest opinion about a particular firm, see our SMP provider reviews.

Artistry Concepts (US): Gallery | Videos
Beauty Medical (Europe): Case Studies | Videos
Deja Vu Hair Studio (US): Gallery | Videos
Evolve Hair Clinic (US): Gallery | Videos
Good Look Ink (US): Gallery | Case Studies | Videos
Hair Ink (UK): Gallery
Hair Pigment Center (US): Gallery
Hair Simulation Company (US): Gallery | Videos
HIS Hair Clinic (Worldwide): Gallery | Case Studies | Videos
LGS Hair Clinic (UK): Gallery
New Hair Institute (US): Gallery
Scalp Aesthetics (US and Canada): Gallery | Videos
The Shadow Clinic (Australia): Gallery | Videos
Skalp Clinic (UK): Case Studies | Videos
Vinci Hair Clinic (Worldwide): Gallery

Laurie Downing