SMP For Dark Skinned Men

Discovering Scalp MicroPigmentation can be a revelation, a hair loss solution that makes total sense for your lifestyle. Would-be clients have a huge range of questions of which a few will relate directly to their ethnicity.. for dark skinned men the worry can be that the treatment won’t be visible… we take a closer look.


Confidence Is Key


SMP is not easy, it takes a long time to master the techniques. That said, the techniques are mastered for an even longer time before a practitioner will have the necessary experience to confidently start every SMP knowing they are going to achieve perfection. What no practitioner can do is predict the course of the treatments that might be necessary to get there. For some it will be 2 painless sessions in return for a superb SMP that requires no touching up for many years. For a few, at the other end of the spectrum, it will mean four or five sessions to address the high degree of fading experienced between sessions. This spectrum of possibilities is at the heart of why experience of the practitioner of clinic is the key attribute you should be looking for when finding your provider. It is vital you are certain of their experience and ability to do the job, as vital as the confidence in the clinic’s aftercare and guarantees.

A Question of Extremes


Regardless of ethnicity or any other factor, the practitioner needs to look at the treatment in the whole, where every aspect is related to all the others. Take into account the desired outcome, style and position of hairline is key, and build an appropriate density and shade to suit the client. No important decisions can be taken until the client returns for their second session, it is when fading can be judged and decisions taken on the exact pigment needed to achieve the best end result.

SMP For Men of Colour

SMP on a black client of SC

There are a few practical aspects to providing SMP to darker skinned men that a practitioner needs to understand if they are going to get it right. There are key variations in both follicle size and density between ethnic groups, Indian men in particular have dense and thick follicles. As long as the practitioner gets it right you can look forward to a perfectly blended and indistinguishable SMP, in many regards the darker skin is an excellent compliment to SMP… pay a quick visit to one of the forums and read any thread about how UV light from the sun can fade SMP – You will find some sincere SMP wearers declaring the trade off acceptable, which speaks to how much better their SMP looks when their scalp has a modicum of colour in it.

So not only is it an appropriate treatment for dark skinned men, some of the best looking SMP’s you will see on the gallery are on dark skin. The cultural popularity of the buzz cut makes it a compelling, almost irresistible, hair loss solution of choice.

Laurie Downing