Superb SMP On Show at Copa America?

Uruguayan star player Carlos Sanchez made an appearance on our screens last night – the moment we set eyes on him we all cried “SMP!!!”.  Another great example, we declared, of what a great job the treatment can do for a young man suffering hair loss. Which just goes to show how hard it can be to tell…

Perfection Is Possible

No doubt about it, we see enough outstanding SMP treatments that every once in a while we see a natural head of buzz cut hair and make the mistake of thinking it is one. We would not expect to know for sure, privacy rules the clinics all run mean we can do little more than compare – with celebrities it is possible to look at before and after pictures from the popular press to make our assessment.

SMP On Parade


Major football tournaments are a happy hunting ground for finding great role models with shaved or buzz cut heads. It seems inevitable that there will be an SMP treatment or two on show… who could blame a wealthy young athlete who is on permanent public display for wanting to do something about their hair loss. Hair systems are not an option for a football player… though England’s refereeing representative at Euro 2016 is a famous system wearer. Hair transplantation has suddenly become an option with the bold and highly self-publicized treatment of Wayne Rooney… reputed to have spent upwards of $40,000 on a series of transplants. In our opinion, Wayne could have saved himself a fortune and got a treatment that was far more contemporary, though no less bold for a man in the public eye.

Last night saw us settle down to watch the game between much fancied Uruguay and the relative minnows of Venezuela, almost unique in S America by not being the most popular game (second to baseball). Our eyes were immediately caught by a close up of the Uruguayan N0. 5, a bustling midfielder with a perfect SMP. Beautiful it was. So much so that anyone who set eyes on it would immediately want to know which of our practitioners performed the work. The perfectly uniform density and shade, the lightness of touch required to achieve such perfection… obviously very lucky with the condition of his scalp.

Still A Point Well Made


It would take until the end of a breathless encounter, where each shot of Sanchez would trigger a new wave of compliments from our team, before we had time to search for other, pre-SMP, photos. There were none. There were none because Carlos Sanchez’s appearance is completely natural. We went through the usual cycle of anger and denial before a calm descended and common sense prevailed.

While we were momentarily disappointed not to be able to add Senor Sanchez to the list of notable SMP wearers, we soon understood that simply for him to elect to wear his hair in that style is great news. As is every single player who takes the field during either of these massive and concurrent tournaments with the same style, making the case to a global television audience and keeping bang on trend

We realise the only way you can be certain on whether you are looking at an SMP on a random passer-by is to ask them, and assume the reply is honest. The caveat there is that the SMP would need to have been done by a good clinic, a bad treatment would be spotted from a mile away!

SMP Debate

We aim to provide help and advice to those in need. So whether you are just starting out on your research or have already had some consultations… we invite you to get in touch, we can point you towards the clinics that are in your area, or sanity check any answers you may have been given.  Maybe there are questions to which you cannot seem to get answers… We are always happy to help where we can and look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Downing