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Temporary scalp micropigmentation options

The vast majority of scalp micropigmentation treatments carried out are classed as permanent, and for all intents and purposes (with the exception of the odd refresher session here and there), SMP is permament. There is however a growing interest in temporary SMP treatments being offered by a small number of providers in Europe.

Principally amongst these is Milena Lardi, temporary SMP practitioner at Italian firm Beauty Medical. Based out of her clinic in Milan, Milena has travelled all over the world providing treatments, using facilities provided by existing hair transplant clinics in the area.

Are the results any good?

It depends on where you go it seems. Please be clear that a temporary scalp micropigmentation treatment is definitely not something that should be offered by a permanent makeup artist, unless of course they have specific experience or training in SMP, because the technique and (crucially) the pigments are not the same. All SMP treatments whether permanent or temporary, should only be undertaken by specialist practitioners with the right experience.

Temporary SMP before and after
Photo (left) shows a client of Milena Lardi immediately after his temporary SMP treatment. Photo (right) was taken 18 months later after all the pigment was absorbed and removed by the body. No traces of pigment or discolouration remain


Why choose the temporary option versus permanent SMP?

Because not everyone is 100% sure how easily they will be able to live with their new look. Its effectively a soft option, enabling the client to have a trial run before committing to a long term appearance. This also enables clients to get into the routine of shaving, test out their style with their social circle and colleagues, and just generally see how they feel about it before diving in with the permanent option.

The video above is Spencer Kobrens show, The Bald Truth, discussing the pros and cons of temporary pigmentation versus the permament option. Its a long video, so make yourself a cup of coffee and find a comfy chair.

The reality is, its up to the individual to decide. The downside of temporary SMP is the cost really, because if you decide afterwards that you love your new style, then you would have saved money by heading straight for the permanent treatment. That said, temporary treatments do offer many benefits in their own right, and may be a better option depending on your own personal circumstances.

Laurie Downing