Cheap SMP service

The cheapest scalp micropigmentation service you can buy?

There are a number of truths in life. Taxes are unavoidable, we all die someday, you get what you pay for and if something seems too good to be true, well……..

Imagine my dismay when I saw scalp micropigmentation treatments on bargain hunters site Groupon offered for just £99.00. That apparently represents a 60% discount. Sixty percent? Go somewhere decent and you’ll be lucky to get a single session for less than £1000. Why? Because that is the cost of quality my friend.

The video above contains good advice from Bryce at Scalp Aesthetics. Want to know what you get for £99.00? Actually you don’t because it will ruin your appearance, your confidence, your social life and perhaps even your career. Its one thing having scalp micropigmentation to improve the way you look. Its quite another when it looks like shit and you have to explain it to EVERYONE. Don’t go there, please. Do your homework, pay the going rate and stop looking for cheap deals like these.

You want to know the ironic thing? HIS Hair Clinic published a video shortly after the Groupon deal went live. Guess what it was about? A guy who needed laser removal to remove his pigments. Guess where he had his treatment? You got it. He bought the Groupon deal. There is a thread about it on the HIS forum, and forum-mod Damien also blogged about the dangers of buying SMP services on price alone.

Don’t pay peanuts, because you WILL get monkeys

Think about it. A busy clinic is a well recommended clinic, right? Same as how you’d feel less comfortable in a suspiciously quiet restaurant, you have to ask yourself WHY they’re quiet. Busy clinics do not offer scalp micropigmentation treatments for £99.00, and a quiet clinic is not a recommended clinic. If it was, it would be busy.

If you pay peanuts, instead of getting a precision engineer you’ll end up with a hammer-wielding caveman. Its your head, your life and your choice, and you’re the one who has to live with the consequences of your decisions.

The only exception to the above rule is if the clinic is brand new, and people don’t really know about it yet. Fair enough, but due diligence is extremely important in such cases. Get testimonials, not the pointless ones on the companys website but get feedback from real people you can verify.

How much should it cost?

Actually the question of cost is far better answered by our other post, How much does scalp micropigmentation usually cost?

The short answer is that it varies depending on a number of factors including session time, the clinic you choose and if you have any specific requirements such as scars to hide.

A typical British client should expect to pay from £1500 to £3000. American clients would usually pay $2500 to $5000. It is possible to get good deals, but a good deal is not always the cheapest deal. Choose which company you want to go to first, then get the best deal with them that you can.

How to get a lower quotation

Prices are usually fixed, however there could be some room to manoeuvre. These tactics will not work with every company, but they’re well worth a try:

  • Be very specific about what you want BEFORE treatment begins
  • Ask about guarantees. Are extra treatments chargeable?
  • Offer to pay in cash (do so at your own risk)
  • Ask when they’re least busy, and agree to have your sessions during those times
  • Offer to help them with their publicity somehow
  • Get a better quote elsewhere and ask your chosen company to match it
  • Bring or refer a friend
  • Promise to keep any reduction off the record

If you do find a practitioner willing to offer a treatment at a bargain basement price, you’re probably dealing with a permanent makeup practitioner and you should research carefully before making any decision.

Laurie Downing