The Magic of Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

Is it possible for a Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) to be so good as to completely convince friends family and co-workers, even with close inspection? The short answer is yes and this last week we have had some compelling evidence to support that positive reply – and prove the magic of SMP… but only to those in the know.

So When You Say Perfect…



It is one of the most common questions we receive to the SMP Debate in-box, how good is it really? Understandable when it is only in the last few years that the treatment has been available outside a handful of specialised clinics doing great work. The worrying explosion in the number of clinics has had a couple of short term impacts. The first has been the exponential rise in awareness, although from such a low starting point it is hardly about to seriously puncture the public consciousness… but it is increasingly likely that someone investigating their options for doing something about their hair loss will come across SMP during those investigations. The second, more sinister, aspect of this rapid growth has been the variation of results. With tattoo artists using entirely inappropriate equipment and pigments to cosmetic make-up salons the world of SMP is suddenly brim full of less than wonderful service providers. The upshot has been to undermine confidence in the treatment, sad beyond words for some who will miss out on the opportunity for a transforming experience because they could not confidently complete due diligence on their local option.

Proof Positive

So it was manna from heaven to see a story break last week that seemed to provide very public proof for the fact that world class SMP treatments are being performed, treatments so good they can fool even the sharpest eyed among us.

Peter Van Der Veen is currently to be found close to Adele, working a stint as her bodyguard. The pictures above date back to a time when he was doing the same job for Lady Gaga. In these early pictures he can clearly be seen to have a fairly advanced state of androgenetic alopecia, better known as male pattern hair loss. Other angles also showed a visible FUT transplant harvest scar across the back of his head.

Fast forward to the explosion of images from last week where Van Der Veen was suddenly being touted as Adele’s secret squeeze… which turned out to be a smokescreen and a simple excuse for filling pages with photos of Van Der Veen alongside column inches about how handsome he is.

van der veen

Remarkably, despite pre and post SMP images being shown alongside each other in come papers, not one mention of his treatment has been made. At SMP Debate HQ we initially though this might be a tipping point moment for SMP, the time when it made it’s way into wider general knowledge… we are observers of and commentators on this market and feel no responsibility to attempt to advertise it beyond the community that need it. As observers we were delighted to see that in fact the news about SMP has been that it did not make the news. Despite massive photographic coverage and a few mentions on hair loss forums, it has passed without notice through the gaze of both public and professional observers among the mainstream media alike.

Like magic!


Of course the real magic trick required to get a fantastic SMP is to identify a fantastic clinic to get your treatment in the first place. To get personal advice on your options why not write to us, click here for our contact details – we look forward to hearing from you.


Laurie Downing

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