Experienced SMP practitioners

The most experienced scalp micropigmentation practitioners

I have received numerous requests for a post like this, although I have to say I’m not entirely comfortable writing it. I completely understand the desire to have the most experienced SMP technician work on your head. It is a life-changing procedure and experience really does matter in this business. No two ways about it. On the other hand, you have to start somewhere. Those who haven’t been around for as long still deserve a shot, right? Otherwise we’ll end up in the same situation as the hair transplant sector where a small number of people charge high prices, and no-one else gets a look in. Besides, even the most experienced scalp micropigmentation experts had to start somewhere, and they were rookies once upon a time. So you see my dilemna. I understand the need for information, but I can see both sides. Well, I am but a mere servant so I’ll give you my take on this. Please note that whilst the information here is factual, it is still based largely on my personal opinion and should be taken as such.

UK practitioners

HIS Hair Clinic

HIS Hair Clinic is home to two of the best practitioners of all. Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson developed the first marketable version of SMP and have more experience than anyone else, and are hard to beat by any standard. Both are highly sought-after, however they do not do many treatments any more as their focus is on running their company. Instead customers are treated by their highly trained team, all of whom can be considered amongst the worlds best as they were trained by the originators.

Vinci Hair Clinic

Karina Santos is the most experienced scalp micropigmentation practitioner at Vinci. Originally a hair transplant surgeon, Karina bases out of their London location but travels to all Vinci clinics around the world to train their new practitioners. Given her background, Karina offers superb scar camouflage results as well as the ability to combine SMP and FUE to brilliant effect.

Skalp Clinic

Jason Piris left HIS Hair Clinic in 2011 after serving at their London location for three years, and joined Skalp. Skalp now has three locations in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. Jason is regarded as one of the best practitioners in the UK, and his colleague Damon Ashcroft (another ex-HIS practitioner) is also very well regarded with some exceptional reviews on the major forums.

European practitioners

Beauty Medical

Milena Lardi of Italian firm Beauty Medical is regarded as one of the finest scalp micropigmentation technicians. Specialising in temporary SMP treatments, Milena travels all over the globe and works closely with Pigmentalia in Italy and Hasson & Wong in the United States and Canada.

Pro Hair Clinic

Belgium-based Pro Hair have been slowly growing their customer base in recent years, and now demonstrate some of the best examples we’ve ever seen. I’m not clear whether Bart, the owner and Founder of Pro Hair Clinic still conducts treatments himself, but if you are interested it is well worth asking.

US and Canadian practitioners

Artistry Concepts

Mark Weston, founder of Artistry Concepts, is one of the most experienced scalp micropigmentation technicians in the world. Starting his business around 2005 (I think), they were only the second recognised provider in the world after HIS Hair Clinic in 2002. Utilizing their own ACHM2.5 technique and Smart pigments, Artistry Concepts turn out some fantastic results.

Vancouver Paramedical Clinic

DeAnna O’Brien, Founder of VPC, has offered scalp micropigmentation treatments since 2004. This makes her the most experienced SMP technician in Canada by quite some margin. With a particular talent for camouflaging hair transplant scars, DeAnna’s experience shows through her work time and again. In addition to operating an SMP clinic, DeAnna and her team also offer training for those looking to pursue a career in SMP.

Good Look Ink

Marshall Charloff and Amanda Mazzocchi are two of the worlds foremost experts on SMP, forming Good Look Ink in 2007 and offering some pretty astonishing treatments ever since. Their company has received rapturous applause from the media including an appearance on Good Morning America and various editorials in national press. GLI also advertise a 3D scalp micropigmentation service. Definitely one to consider.

Scalp Aesthetics

Bryce Cleveland of Scalp Aesthetics has established himself as something of an information resource in the world of SMP. Travelling to all areas of the United States and Canada, Bryce conducts all of Scalp Aesthetics procedures and publishes an excellent series of videos intended to inform and educate. We love his videos and their fun but topical nature, and use them regularly on this website.

HIS Hair Clinic

Three of their most highly regarded practitioners work in their US-based clinics. Jonathan Tang manages the Hong Kong clinic but seems to spend a lot of time at their Los Angeles location. “Magic” Mike works out of Seattle and Matt, one of their very best practitioners, works out of New York City.

Australian practitioners

The Shadow Clinic

There are three providers in Australia – MHR Australia, SMP Clinic and The Shadow Clinic. Of these three organizations, The Shadow Clinic seems to be developing a reputation as the number one destination in the region. Practitioners Ricky (founder) and David are well regarded and demonstrating some world class results.

Laurie Downing